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January 12, 2015

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Value of Leatherette Bondage Gear to BDSM



Why Leatherette Bondage Gear is An Excellent Value!


Leatherette FAQs

Leatherette is a great idea and extreme fun!! Especially for couples who travel back and forth between jobs, homes, and vacations. You’ll never have to worry if you leave your product behind.

Leatherette is a good experimental material for beginners in bondage because its durability is made to last, easily cleaned, and easily replaceable.

Leatherette is “leather-free” and “cruelty-free” an item that costs a fraction less of the real thing and doesn’t come with the guilt!

Leatherette is so much easier to clean and maintain compared to leather, wiping down with water is usually enough for leatherette.

You can get double the quantity for leatherette products, compared to only one leather product.

Leatherette can be kept in perfect shape for many years when cared for properly.

You can play all night long in leatherette and be comfortable without worrying about the chafing or discomfort.

Leatherette has “priceless” look just like leather.

Hours of play, with minutes of clean up.

Leatherette is cost effective for discrete encounters.

Leatherette is more compact and flexible. You can take your whole bondage toybox as your carry-on when traveling without worrying about extra baggage fees.


Leatherette is MMMPHHH Good!

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6 Quick Ways to Look Fab in Your Sexy New Wig


How To Put On Your Sexy New Wig.
Go from Drab to Fab in a Flick of the Wrist!

Use your wig cap. Your wig cap is your friend. It keeps your hair nicely in place, prevents flyaways. Your wig cap also gives you an anchor point to use bobby pins to attach to your wig if you are going to be doing a lot moving, such as dancing or strutting your stuff. *work it girl*

• Remove the wig from the box or bag it is in, and gently brush it out with your fingers. After it’s been prepped a bit, hold the wig out by spreading your fingers out underneath the wigs starting from the sides.

• Next tilt you head forward and rest the front edge of the scalp of the wig, just slightly above your eyebrows.

• Begin to slowly stretch the wigs sides down over the sides of your own head and slide your fingers out from underneath the wig when it’s on.

• With the wig comfortably resting on your head, reach back and pull the base of the wig over the back of the wig cap until the front edge of the wig is slightly below your natural hairline. If your wig has bangs, line up the wig with your natural hairline.

• Pin it in place, and you're ready to go! But be careful! Your sexy new wig and saucy attitude, combined with that scorchingly hot latex dress might render him speechless. But that’s okay, I’m sure you can think of some things to do that will more than make him speechless. That’s right…I’ve heard about you….*wink*


Looking to spice things up with a sexy new look which won't damage your hair or take hours in the salon!  Try our sexy new wigs for all new you!  And what sexy fantasy do you want to live out tonight?

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How to Rock a Sexy Wig in 30 Seconds or Less!


How To Rock a Wig!


Confidence: It doesn’t matter what you are wearing, as long as your attitude and your confidence is high. In the early days of the GoGo’s, Belinda Carlisle used to literally wear black garbage bags as dresses. Not only did she get points for originality but it also got Belinda Carlisle a great record deal and she became a mega hot 80’s vixen. Now, you are not going to wear a black garbage out, (unless you are, in which case, own that look girl!) so that automatically puts you head and shoulders above Belinda Carlsisle. And considering she double snapped that garbage bag dress, you can certain rock a wig.

Confidence is really the key to being sexy. Whether you have a wig, a head full of fluffy hair or are bald. Beauty is in the eye of beholder and nothing is sexier than a confident woman who is self-assured. Let go of your insecurities and create something and someone new.
Be whoever and whatever it is you want to be. Let go and let in the fun!


Customize and Style Your Wig
It’s a common misconception that you have to take your wig just out of the box and put it on. You wouldn’t do that with a new outfit, so why would you do that with your new wig? Think the bangs would look a little cuter on you if they were slightly shorter? Go for it, just snip them a bit and Viola, Perfection! You can also curl wigs if you have the heat setting on low to medium. Never set your curling irons or hair straightener on high when you are styling your wigs. You want them to be hot, not get overly hot. We will leave the melting for your man, for when he sees how smoking hot you look rocking a new saucy look.

For styling sprays, most beauty stores such as Sally’s Beauty have products specifically for synthetic wig care. If you have a questions as to if the styling product will work, just make sure to ask the experts at the store. I personally like to use Mane and Tail on my wigs, as it keeps the fly aways down and gives it a great shine.

For a wig with too much shine (which means you went overboard on the hair products, not that I’ve ever done this…*cough* *cough*…, you can try a little bit of hair powder or even a little bit of your own face powder. Use in moderation, as you don’t want the hair color of your sexy new wig to change. Take this in mind, especially with black hair wigs. Little specks of white are not a fashion do!
Blend your sexy wig with your own hair for a natural look
If your natural hair is somewhat close to your wig color why not try blending in your own hair along the hairline for a more natural look. To do this, just put on your hot new wig, and gently then pull out small sections of your own hair along the sides and front using your fingers or a rattail comb. I tend to get the best results using my fingers, but I know some people swear by rattails because they can also use them to give the hair and the wig a bit of a body in the front. Even if your own hair is just a few inches long, this will really help to make your wig look and feel more natural and create a sexy and amazingly seamless hairline.
The best combs to use for styling your wigs are the old school wide tooth comb that generally have a rounded handle. You can use it get out any tangles and to keep the wig looking clean and smooth. Remember to use a spray to keep the flyaways down! Generally brushes don’t do well with wigs because they tend to pull the hair out, so stay with something with wider teeth and be gentle with your wig to keep it looking fantastic for years to come.

Wig Caps are your friend!
Not all wigs come with wig caps, so if you find yourself without a wig cap, you can easily improvise. I have cut out the top of a stocking and put them over my hairline for most of my wigs. Wig caps are great but I’ve found that these tend to stay great and work in a jiffy. So, safe any stockings with runs in them and use them again for your wig cap. Just put the top of the stocking over your head and then smooth your hair back, cutting about 6-8 inches off of the stocking and Viola! You have a homemade wig cap that will keep flyways from coming out of your wig and also give you a wonderfully polished and stunningly sexy new look.

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April 25, 2014

Legal Notices and Disclaimers

18 U.S.C. 2257 Compliance Notice All models, actors, actresses and other persons that appear in any visual depiction of actual sexual conduct appearing or otherwise contained in Sub-Shop.com, BondageUprising.com, BDSMToyBox.com, BeautifulBondage.com and all other websites owned and operated by Autumn Boutique, llc were over the age of eighteen years at the time of the creation of such depictions. All other visual depictions displayed on this website are exempt from the provision of 18 U.S.C. 2257 and 28 °C.F.R. 75 because any of said visual depictions which appear to be of sexually explicit conduct are merely simulated. With respect to all visual depictions displayed on this website, whether of actual sexual conduct, simulated sexual content or otherwise, all persons in said visual depictions were at least 18 years of age when said visual depictions were created. Autumn Boutique is the primary producer (as that term is defined in 18 USC 2257 and 28 °C.F.R. 75 or subsequent case law defining such) of any of the visual content contained in the Website. The original records required pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 2257 and 28 °C.F.R. 75 for the materials contained in this website are kept by the Custodian of Records for each of the primary producers.

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April 18, 2014

Shipping Costs and Information

Within the continental United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) delivery is within usually 1 ½ weeks (excluding special order items or backorders) Over 90% of our orders are shipped within 24–48 hours of receipt.

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Clitoral Pumps FAQ

The purpose of a clitoral pump (also known as a pussy pump) is to enhance a woman’s pleasure by creating suction around the clitoris and labia for increased blood flow to the genitals. Things like poor diet and stress can limit proper blood circulation which in effect will dull overall sensation to crucial sensuality areas of the body. The clitoral pump solves this problem, increasing sensation and awareness by moving blood directly to the desired region. Skin around the genitals is already sensitive due to the concentration of nerve endings there, so the results are incredible. The tingle of blood flow stimulates the area, and the nerve endings react, which leads to greater arousal and pleasure. Greater arousal and pleasure? Those words are music to my…ears (and the music doesn’t stop at the ears). *g*

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April 16, 2014

Fisting FAQ

The process of one partner putting their hand into the other’s vagina is called fisting. I say «process» because it takes some gradual easing to work the whole hand all the way in. On both sides of the equation, fisting can create thrilling and intense pleasure, well worth the care and effort often needed. For the partner who is taking the fist, having the hand of your lover fill you up likely will be super-sensual and arousing. As for the fister, what an exhilarating sensation to watch as your hand disappears at the wrist into your lover’s body. *g*

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