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Blindfolds & Hoods FAQ

What fun!! To be blindfolded or hooded while bound (or even unrestrained) heightens the senses and makes your whole body tingle! Where will the next touch be? With what? Your body comes alive searching for what your eyes cannot see, then - zap! - the lightest touch sends waves of electricity through you. Now that's what I call electricity play!

What should you look for in a blindfold or hood?

Only a few things, really. My descriptions tell you a little about each blindfold and sometimes what I like best about them. The pictures tell you even more! The following points will help you choose the blindfold that is right for you (or your sub!).

First, is this going to be your first blindfold? (How about your partner?) If you’re a first timer or starting with a newbie submissive, a hood is probably not the way to start unless you’ve talked about it first. The hoods can be a little daunting to the inexperienced and some experienced subs alike.

Second, what material or color do you like best? I carry leather, patent leather, vinyl, faux leather ('leatherette' or 'pvc'), nylon and satin blindfolds, both lined and not lined. The non-leather styles are typically less expensive and great for beginners. The leather styles do tend to last longer, however, depending on how you use them (extended wear, rough play, frequency of use), so a leather or patent leather would be a good investment if you play hard. The others are still very durable and will last a long time. We offer lots of options of materials and colors for blindfolds if you’re looking for coordinating pieces to match that special lingerie or what-have-you! *g*

Third, what will you be using the blindfold for?

  • A little blindfold, a jug of wine, some strawberries and thou? Try my basic satin or leather blindfolds. See my «Soft Bondage» section also.
  • A bondage session where a blindfold is added as a little something extra? Naturally, any of them are perfect for a bondage session. Try the lined leather, padded or elastic strap blindfolds.
  • A very effective blindfold that can’t be peeked out from behind? Try our larger, full coverage and wider styles. The latex blindfolds are also very effective, comfortable and sexy, and can go from bath to bedroom in 2.5 seconds! (Depending on how quickly you’re lead there!) Latex conforms to your facial contours exactly, so you WON’T be peeking! Our In The Dark Leather Blindfold is the most popular blindfold we offer, but there’s lots to choose from in this category and you’ll be the best judge of the one that’s best for you.

The absolute, hands down, no peeking, won’t be getting this one off without using your hands is the trainer style blindfold combinations you’ll find in my Trainer Style Gags department. You’ll find all the most strict models with blindfolds included at the bottoms of these categories. Buckle the blindfold, head, gag and chin straps on these and you’re not only effectively gagged (Mmmmmmffff!!! was all I could say!), but exceptionally well blindfolded. The straps holding everything in place more than ensure that!

Find your sexy new blindfold here!

Hoods... who, what, and why?

A simple blindfold requires a certain level of trust between partners and hoods are something you need to work into once you know each other’s reactions well. (A hooded and gagged partner has a very hard time communicating if the Dom/me can’t see facial expressions.)

Lots of submissives enjoy the feeling of sensory deprivation. The hood is a more encompassing form of bondage that makes a submissive feel even «more» bound than with a simple blindfold and / or gag. Hoods don’t even necessarily require a blindfold or gag. It’s sometimes the feeling of encasement or «head bondage» that can put you into «sub-space» where the endorphins are pumping and you feel the rush of excitement. You just want more of every sensation….Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm! Let’s not forget the Dom/mes who love to put their submissives in hoods in order to make every sensation a surprise, each touch a thrill and even the silence full of suspense. (The things that go through your head while you’re hooded and sitting in silence waiting for whatever is going to happen next are most often more evil and nasty than your Dom/me ever had planned for you!) Some Dom/mes love the way hoods make your senses stand up and take notice of every little thing. Many simply like the way you look all tied up like that! I have hoods for just about every taste and style. Go see them and see what you think!

Lets go look at some hoods!

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