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Gags are a great idea! (And great fun!) Especially for couples who are expected to «keep it down» for various reasons; kids in the house, thin hotel walls, you name it! *g*

#1550A Rings of Submission Ballgag, Black Leather with Candy Apple Red Ball

There are a few things to consider when looking for a gag:

  • Has the wearer ever worn a gag before?Look here for gags for beginners!
  • Can the wearer really wear it? Consider small mouths, jaw problems or breathing troubles such as asthma.
  • How long is the wearer expected to wear it? Long training sessions may require something less strenuous than a 2» ballgag or a large leather plug gag trainer. (At least until you or your sub has been trained to wear it for that long — these things need to be worked up to! *g*)
  • Are you picky about construction? (Buckling versus cinch strap or tie back, glove leather opposed to stiffer latigo leather, wide strap, thin strap, etc.) What type of gag material are you looking for? Ball? Bit? Leather plug? (Don’t worry — be picky! I’ve got lots of everything!)

Size Matters! *g* If your sub has a small mouth (and most ladies do) don’t start off with a big, 2» diameter gag. The 1 ¾" balls are much easier to handle, especially for longer wear. ¼" doesn’t seem like much, but there’s a definite difference! Work your way up into the 2» style (training! Yay!) with both size and length of time worn.

There’s lots more to consider, but that’s up to you! (Style, ballgag color, size, etc.) That’s the fun part!

Above all, make sure the gagged partner can breathe at all times! Have codes worked out ahead of time in case there is unexpected trouble. After all, struggling may not be a sign of distress if you like to play struggle. When tight, restrictive bondage is added to the mix, it is especially important. It is the dom/me’s responsibility to be certain of their sub’s safety at all times and the responsibility of the sub to make their dom/me aware of any trouble. Arrange code sounds or gestures or other reliable means of communication beforehand.

Well, you’ve gotta start somewhere, right? Some people have always wanted a gag, but never bought one. Others have worn gags, but just the home-made scarf or tape kind. Some has always wanted a certain type of gag, like something they’ve seen in a video or photos, but have never tried one… Well, I’ve got something for everyone! *g* Let’s start with those who are just starting out — never been gagged before. (Ooooo, how exciting!) Choosing a gag can be very exciting and very daunting at the same time. Lots of styles — lots of different sizes and ways they go on…which one is right? Well, it depends. *g* If your gaggee has jaw problems or breathing troubles, make sure to check out those sections. Otherwise, we’re simply looking for something you’ll both enjoy. My suggestions are:

Pump gags: You’d think this would be a more advanced toy, and that’s the beauty of it — it can be! Be trained into wearing a larger and larger gag with the same pump gag! Use it with the bladder deflated for the nervous. Try giving it a pump. Then eventually another and so on. It’s a great way to start!

Smaller ballgags: My gags are listed according to size, from 1.5» to 2»+. This doesn’t seem like much difference, but it is! The standard typical size is 1.75». The 2» ballgag is typically for men, people with larger mouths or those used to wearing ballgags. My 1.5» breather / drool gag is very popular as are my small leather and pvc ballgags.

Latex stretch strap ballgag. This one is nice! The gag compresses quite nicely and you can wear it comfortably for long periods of time. Plus, they really do a great job of muffling!

Rubber bit gags are very nice. Easy to wear and sexy for many play scenarios, they are a great toy to have!

Here’s a problem I can identify with. In fact, most women have trouble coping with any gag more than 1.75» in diameter. I do carry many larger sized ball gags, but these are mainly for men and those women who can handle it or will wear them for a short period of time. Here’s a list of gags for people with small mouths and for «training» the mouth and jaw to accept larger gags:

#423A Buckling Rubber Bit Gag

  • Latex stretch strap ballgag. This one is nice! The gag compresses quite nicely and you can wear it comfortably for long periods of time. Plus, they really do a great job of muffling!
  • Breather / Drool Gag: My breather / drool gag comes in a 1.5» size as well as my leather and pvc ballgags. These are a great way to have a wonderful ballgag that won’t hurt your jaws!
  • Rubber bit gags are very nice. Easy to wear and sexy for many play scenarios, they are a great toy to have!
  • Pump Gags: I’ve got a big selection of pump gags, so this is a great choice. They’re as small as you want them to be. When you get «trained», so to speak, and can accept a larger gag, just give it another pump!

These can be from minor to severe. But fret not! I have a gag for you too! *g* The severity of trouble depends on the type of gag you’ll be able to handle, but a few good starters are:

  • Pump gags. I know — these sound difficult and advanced (and they can be!), but the inflatable bladder actually starts off very small. Pump it up only as much as you can handle! :) This is also a wonderful gag for the beginner.
  • Patent strap ball gags. These use a smaller 1.5» ball rather than the standard 1.75». It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s actually quite a difference. I know the difference between my usual 1.75» ballgags and 2» ballgags is a jawbreaker if I have to wear them too long, especially after not having worn them for a while. *g* Like anything, you can «get used to» a certain size if your troubles allow it.
  • If you don’t have problems with stretching the sides of your mouth back, the bit gags are a wonderful choice! Only one half inch in diameter, these gags are made wih pliable rubber bits and come in a variety of styles from simple to trainer styles with reins, chin straps and blinders! (Who says you can’t be kinky?) You can test for trouble by biting on a ½" diameter rod pulled back in your mouth. Try using something soft, like rubber (like my bit gags use). Everything hunky dory? Great! Go shopping for a bit gag of your choice! *g*

This is probably the most important facet of choosing a gag, gagging & being gagged. If you have sinus problems, a cold or other factors contributing to difficulty in breathing through the nose, it can be difficult to wear mouth-filling gags. There are several styles that promote easy breathing such as those listed below.

#2474A 2" Collar with Ring Gag

  • Rubber bit gags: These are available in a wide variety from mild to wild!
  • Breather / Drool Gag: This is a ballgag specifically for those with problems breathing while gagged!
  • Ring gags: These are great for ease of breathing and…well, uh…you know! *g*
  • Breather penis gag: The Breather Penis Gag has a hole through the gag to promote easier breathing. The great thing about this gag aside from the obvious kinky value *g* is that it is quite mouth filling and effective at muffling noise.
  • Tube Gag: Again, like the ring gag, very easy to breathe through the wide open hole and convenient for other things too!
  • Jennings or Open Wide Mouth Spreader gags: Great for breathing through, these offer the most open space in a gagged mouth (which is effective for other things as well! *g*)

Well, here’s where we get to the fun! I’ve got some great gags for advanced players (though a lot of beginners would most likely like to use these too, they’re usually the type of gag you work your way up to or get eventually because there are so many types of less expensive gags you’d like to try first. Do you have a particular fetish or interest? Try a trainer style, or better yet, a trainer with reins like my 461K Chain Reined Pony Bit Gag set — VERY sexy! Or perhaps a strict posture collar with built-in gag suits your tastes — my 3» and 4» posture collar & gag combinations are just the ticket! Try any one of my trainers — they’re all great! (The most popular trainer style is the thin strap ballgag trainer and it’s even available with a black ball!) Try a pump gag pumped up REALLY large or my hood with detachable gag and blindfold for an all encompassing experience. My Butterfly Pump Gag is also a very advanced gag as well as the extra large PVC ballgags. I could go on, and on…but that’s why I spend a lot of time gagged! *g*

#4423BD Wrapped Ring Gag Trainer Harness

Go here to see my extensive collection of gags and slave trainers!

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