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The ties that bind

This is a special area, where we can talk about how much closer and better our relationships are because of Bondage. Instead of portraying Bondage as some dark, scary and evil game — we want to show the love, caring and fun of Bondage. Bondage has made my marriage stronger by teaching me how to trust. After a very long term abusive relationship I had given up all hope of ever finding «true love».

All that changed when I met my husband. I knew instantly that he was the one. He was so kind, tender and gentle (did I also mention that he’s handsome, funny, charming, sweet, passionate, and just plain FANTASTIC) that I let my guard down and began to fall in love within right away. After so many years of emotional and sometimes violent physical abuse, I have to admit I was quite a mess. I had become hardened and bitter by it all on the outside, but inside me, there was still a little girl that was afraid, sad and lonely. One night, I felt brave enough to show her to my husband. He gently cradled me in his strong and loving arms as I cried and mourned all that I felt had been lost in my life. I remember he kissed me gently and wiped away my tears and I began to feel that I could trust and fully love again. Not long after, was the first night he tied me up. (YUM! * big smile*)

I remember on that night, that I was afraid to let him have that much control of me. My concern was that if something were to happen, it would be completely out of my control. Thankfully my Master was very gentle, kind, warm and loving that soon all my fears were only an unpleasant memory. With the first knot, my anxiety grew, but it was soon kissed all away with warm passionate kisses. The intensity of the night was fantastic. Never had I trusted someone so completely and never had my trust been so honored. I felt like a cherished slave princess, bound to my dashing, brave prince. It was a wonderful night. Since then, Master has never hurt me (well, in a way I didn’t like) or dishonor me. From this, I have learned to let go and to just «be» more often. It makes the ride much more fun. Thank you my handsome, brave prince of knots for showing me how to love and trust again. (and thank you too Bondage! For showing me what really HOT sex is! Yummm!)

Share with us how the ties that bind have made your relationship stronger and better. Send your note to our contacts.

Me and my girlfriend were looking like we would of broken up in about a month or two lost of fights and so then one night we were on the phone and she asked me what got my juices flowing after an hour i finally told her and to my suprize she was fine with it. Soon we were trying it out on each other with scarfs and simple things like that,then we found out that she liked bondage,she loves to be blindfolded and now we have been going out for a year and four months and were better than ever. All thanks to bondage dellelement@hotmail.com

My boyfriend and I have been casual dabblers in D/s for a couple years now, something that just happened to natrurally progress as time passed. We haven’t really had an opportunity to try bondage yet, though I’m hoping that it will come soon. ^.^ We’re both each other’s firsts in this, so we’ve had a few growing pains, but things are well for us. A few years ago, if someone had told me that I’d rather beg for a collar than a ring and would take leather cuffs over roses, I would have thought they were insane. But now I realize that I’m a natural subbie, always have been, always will be, and would give anything to be at the other end of my Master’s leash (which he promises will be soon *glee!*).
~David’s kitten

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