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April 14, 2014

Nipple Toys FAQ

I’ve got lots of different kinds of nipple toys on my site. Something for everyone and lots of things for some people (like me! *g*). I have clamps, chains, suction devices, vibrating toys, weights and some other cool toys that took a pretty kinky mind to even dream up (I wish I’d thought of them!). To help you sort out what pair / set / item you might like to try or start out with, consult Autumn’s handy guide to nipple play! *g*

The first thing to consider is what type of nipple play you’d like to try. Are you into pinching sensations, sucking sensations or vibrating sensations? How about twisting or pulling? All of the above? (My kind of person! *g*) Here, then, is a guide to help you find what you want. (And some things you never knew you wanted!)

Types & Terms:

Nipple Clamps Pinch or compress the nipples, usually with a chain between them 
Nipple Chains Decorative chains with loops that slip over the nipples to keep them in place
Weights & Weighted Devices Items designed to stretch or pull
Suction Devices Items designed to temporarily increase size and sensitivity of an area

"Adjustable" Clamps with adjustable pressure, usually by thumb screw. Limits the amount of pressure exerted so you can determine how much you can take. Ideal for beginners to experienced alike.
"Endurance" Clamps with no adjustment for pressure. Pressure is determined by strength of the spring. Better for experienced players.

I have LOTS of different styles (as you can see on my many pages of Nipple Toys *g*) to choose from. What you want is dependent on what type of sensation(s) you’re looking for. Oddly enough, the larger clamps are easier to wear, especially for longer periods of time. They cover a wider area and compress rather than pinch. This makes larger, adjustable clamps the easiest to wear. The large adjustables are my favorites due to the area of compression (much less pinch than smaller clamps) and they have a nice weight to them. A good way to tell the difference in feel is to take your thumb and forefinger and pinch yourself using just the very tips of your fingers. When you use the flat parts of your thumb and forefinger (try making a fist with your thumb outside and you’ll see what I mean. Pinch between the flat parts of your fingers at the junction of where the thumb and forefinger meet at the inside of your hand) you can see you have a much larger area, but the sensation is less intense. My largest selection (and my personal preference) is in the adjustable type clamps.

For more experienced players, endurance (non-adjustable) clamps are desirable. These clamps will be as tight as the spring allows and the smaller the tip of the clamp, the more «pinchy» it will feel. Japanese clover clamps are a prized type of endurance clamp because of the unique spring mechanism. If you try to pull them off, they just become tighter. You can add weights to the chain to make them tighter as well. (*evil grin*) There are many sizes and types of these as well.

Suction devices, such as my popular Nipple Trick, Cupping Set or Suction Mistress enlarge and enhance feeling by engorging the surrounding area with blood. The cupping set is strong enough to leave «hickey»-type marks, so be careful where you put the cups if you intend to do more intense play. (No turtlenecks in summer! *g*) The Nippletrick has the advantage of small rubber rings that roll down the suction tube to the base of your nipple to keep it erect and engorged for a longer period of time, enhancing feeling and appearance. (Sexy!)

Nipple chains are simple loop-style devices that are more for decoration than nipple play, though you can tighten the noose a bit tighter than normal for a little pinch. They are sexy accessories and can be worn under clothing for stimulation (and as a naughty secret between you and your special someone!). Depending on how tight they are worn, the loops can keep the nipples erect and enhance sensitivity and appearance as well.

Weights and weighted devices are intended to add a little extra pressure and / or stretching/pulling sensation. As always, be careful when playing with weights and remember to pay close attention to your sub and respect limits. I offer weights with clips for attaching to nipple toy chains (or cock & ball devices) or weighted clamps. The weighted clamps are great because they are very adjustable. 6 ounces of magnetic weights (one attached, five separate), allow you to train your sub to accept more weight and to teasingly build to heavier weights. Important side-note: this is much like foreplay — start off slow and work to a frenzy! Great fun!!! Another benefit of these is that you can wave the magnets under each other to pull the clamp side to side or down slightly without ever attaching the weight. Sweet torment! *g*

Vibrating Clamps are clamps with small vibrators attached directly to the clamp, adding a bit of weight and those ever-popular vibrations! These serve as a reminder that clamps aren’t just for the nipples! Use your imagination! *g*

Autumn LeFleur
Autumn LeFleur