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Leather cleaning FAQ

Caring for your leather items is very easy! Just basic care and common sense will keep your leather items looking good for a very long time.

It’s best not to store your leather items in direct sunlight. It will damage the leather through drying and fading (and make your neighbors jealous!)

There are many commercially available leather protectors available that make your leather more resistant to spotting and wear. Usually, you’ll find these in the sporting goods, often by the baseball gloves, or shoe sections of your local department stores. Specialty leather apparel shops or even shoe and sporting goods stores will often have a wider selection of products and sometimes even better quality choices. If you need help selecting a cleaner or protector, just let the salesperson know it’s for a leather jacket (straitjackets, hoods, armbinders, leather apparel) or perhaps motorcycle saddlebags (my heavier leather bondage gear) or a pair of suede boots (for your suede whips & cuffs, etc.) and they’ll be able to steer you towards the best products for cleaning, care & protection. Hey, they don’t have to know it’s for your leather spanking skirt do they? Then again, they might have one too…if they’re lucky. ;)

For removing spots from leather, dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and gently rub the spot. Remove any alcohol with a soft, damp cloth. If your leather starts to get a bit funky smelling from sweat: Take a damp cloth and put a little bit of gentle hand soap on it. Gently rub the cloth against the leather. Rinse off the cloth and ring it out until it is damp and run it over the inside of the leather again. Let it sit for about an hour and it will be like new. Remember, it’s important that the cloth isn’t very wet, just damp. There’s also many commercially available leather cleaners you can use for everything from soft garment leathers like straitjackets, skirts, armbinders and hoods to suede like whips & cuffs and my harder bondage leathers used in most of my gear. Because there are so many types of leather, there are also man types of cleaners, typically available in the shoe section of department stores. Be sure to choose the cleaner that’s right for the type of leather you’re cleaning and read all directions carefully. As always, test any cleaner on a small, less visible spot before cleaning the entire piece.

Water Spots: Water spots can be removed from leather by moistening the area again with a little water, let it dry or gently blow dry on a low or no heat setting.

Sometimes, you just want that new gear a little softer for more comfort. Leather conditioners for baseball gloves work great for softening your leather but be careful as this might discolor some types of leather. Most of my leather is finished so that products like these won’t harm them, but the soft black leather you’ll find some of my body harnesses and gag harnesses are made of can be darkened visibly by conditioners. They are available in most sporting good stores and even some of the largest chain stores. I have also heard good things about a product called Leather CPR which you can find at some specialty shops and larger stores also.

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