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April 15, 2014 4 min read

Got questions? Of course you do! Well, we’ve got the answers…
We’ve done the product testing so you don’t have to!

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions — and some things I just thought you should know — about general categories of items and some of the fun toys and bondage gear you’ll find here. You’ll find information on a wide variety of subjects and items from product usage to specific products and why they might be just what you’re looking for.

Also, what would this area be without some side notes from Master and Slave alike? We’ll give you our expert *ahem* opinions on our wide range of products. Whether you want them or not. So, get ready to learn a little about this and that and be dazzled by some of the fun ways you can use these great toys!
Better sex through technology!

So….what do you want to learn about?

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These pages are always under construction as we add more items!

Latex is great — form fitting, stretchy and it absolutely gleams when you polish it! It nips, tucks, sucks you in and pushes you out. Latex is a terriffic fetish wear item that makes any night (or day!) spectacular! There are just a few things to remember when choosing and wearing your latex.

Shown in the photo are:
#2943K Metallic Blue Fitted Latex Gloves
#2944K Metallic Blue Fitted Latex Stockings
#2945K Metallic Blue Latex Bra
#2949K Latex Two-Tone G-String, Black w/Blue Trim

«Shaped» items have molded shapes and shaped tops have shaped cups. If you’re smaller up top, these cups might be a bit baggy on you (though the rest of the item would fit just fine). Look for the word «shaped» in the description. If it doesn’t mention «shaped» in the description, it’s just straight forward sizing. Which brings us to the next point…

Some of my latex apparel is available in «one size fits most» sizing. Other items are available in sizes and those are noted where available. Latex is quite stretchy and will offer quite a bit of stretch for a range of sizes and body shapes. (Plus the fact that, as mentioned earlier, it tends to push and shape also!) The sized items are typically more expensive and are made of very high quality latex and are typically easier and more comfortable to wear. The one-size items are of fine quality, but don’t offer the same fit as a sized item would. They are less expensive and a great choice, especially for those just starting out with a latex wardrobe.

Please note that latex is not shiny until you polish it. All latex (sometimes known as 'rubber') wear must be shined using our latex polish for that high gloss, fetishy look. It has a flat finish out of the box and must be re-shined occasionally to retain it’s luster. The latex shine also helps to protect and condition your latex, keeping it nicer, longer. (Don’t forget to pick up some of my #3151P Rubba Glow Latex Wear Spray with your latex purchase!) You can also use a latex safe silcone lubricant to shine your latex with. Please note that the first time you use your polish your new latex, it will absorb a great deal of the shining product. Once you’ve polished your latex for the first time, only small touch-ups or thin applications of polish will be necessary to create the lustrous gloss latex is famous for.

Some quick hints for putting latex on: Since my latex rubber wear typically fits quite tight, it helps to be able to get in on (and off! *g*) quickly and easily. First, remove any rings or jewelry that might rip or tear the latex. Powdering the insides of your latex will help it slip on smoothly. Ordinary talcum powder or corn starch works great, or use a scented powder to enhance the mood! Just sprinkle it inside and put a little on yourself and you’ll find it’s much easier to put on and will absorb any skin moisture in case things get a little hot as they’re certainly «bound» to! Powders, however, can cause a bit of a mess when removing garments, so I use silicone lubricant most of the time. You can also use the same silcone lubricant you can use to shine your latex to a high gloss like my #3113E Moist Silicone Spray Lubricant. Typically, if it’s safe to use with latex condoms, it should be okay to use on your latex clothing as well. As always, make sure to read all labels carefully.

Be careful when putting on your new latex. Latex is very thin and though it’s very stretchy, it can rip easily! Remove jewelry that could catch on the latex (for example, remove rings when putting on gloves, and some sharp piercing jewelry could damage your latex as well if you have a spiked belly button piece or earrings when wearing a hood.) I even include a sheet on what you need to know about taking care of your new latex to make it last and last!

Now that you know more about it, go shop for some sexy latex!

Vinyl is a sexy, shiny material that gives you that fetishy / sexy look that latex offers, yet is much easier to put on than latex. My vinyl apparel is made with either 2-way or 4-way stretch vinyl. Two-way stretch gives you a little less stretch, meaning it will shape you more. Four-way stretch stretches in all directions, which gives you a nice tight fit, hugging every curve. Those items that are designed to fit your curves are made of 4-way stretch pvc vinyl. Those items that are designed to shape you are made of 2-way stretch pvc vinyl to make you look your best!

Just a few quick things to say about vinyl:

  1. I didn’t think I’d like it much when Master first brought it up (this was before I ever wore it!)
  2. I love it, love it, love it!!!!!!
  3. Master loves it even more! *giggles*

The thing about vinyl is that it just screams «Sex!». (You’ll be the one screaming later!) It’s fantastic because it sucks you in, pushes you up and shapes you in all the right places! It’s like latex, just easier to get on (and off!) and you don’t have to shine it — it’s already shiny. You’ll see that my Vinyl category is large and with good reason. If you haven’t already tried it, you should — you’ll love it too! If you have, then you already know what kind of effect it has on bodies — both the female form and the male’s…well, you know…

Our shiny PVC vinyl is available in Hoods, Armbinders, Straitjackets, some Collars and Cuffs, Apparel, Gags, Blindfolds and more!

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