Silk Ropes, Blindfolds, and Ice Cubes — Oh My! Simple Ways to Spice Things Up for Beginners

April 16, 2014 3 min read

Silk Ropes, Blindfolds, and Ice Cubes — Oh My!
Simple Ways to Spice Things Up for Beginners

…by my friend, Jessica

When I am just beginning a new relationship, the sex stays relatively «normal» for awhile. Imagine missionary position, sideways, or even throwing in a little doggie-style for the sake of variety. The honeymoon stage of a relationship does not usually require much extra effort because the adventure is getting to know each other, inside and out (multiple interpretations welcome!).

But that honeymooning always comes to an end. Soon we are comfortable with each other, and that hot sizzle in the bedroom can start to fizzle if we’re not attentive enough to our needs. Entering into the comfort zone in a relationship does not have to mean sleeping in sweatpants, watching late night television instead of black lace panties and grinding into each other to one of many sexy music playlists we’ve put together. No, this can be the perfect way to introduce some kinky techniques than can lead to utmost sexual pleasure. Think of the way a soft breeze can send ripples across the sea for miles. All it takes is a little…

For newer couples and beginners, playing with soft tie-ups like silk rope or elastic is a great way to keep the heat when both parties have gone as far as they could with their initial hot-streak. I remember the way my lover’s eyes lit up when I first brought out the silk rope and asked him if he wanted to try something new. Our sex-life had the early signs of routine written all over it, so it was time to move forward. Initially, he simply tied my hands together above my head, and we proceeded from there.

A necessary reminder: especially in newer relationships, it is important to be aware of each other’s boundaries. Once those boundaries (or lack of boundaries!) have been clearly established, the there is no telling what new forms of pleasure and fun will surface.

The following time, rope was used to tie my hands and feet to the bedposts. This sounds like a fairly popular sexual experience, I know, but there is plenty reason for its popularity. Surrendering control to your lover has the physical benefits of enhanced stimulation (that bottle of lube in the nightstand will likely remain unused for early experimentation with this activity), the mind’s desire building and building as the body is restrained, the lover-in-power teasing with tongue and fingers, the tip of his penis. This is the making for sex of sparkling-colorful-banging-fireworks- finale-from-atop-the Eiffel-Tower-on-New-Years-Eve caliber, with its ability to heighten tension. Not to mention, the trust that can be built between lovers when relinquishing power to the other is irreplaceable, due to the honesty and communication required. What a win-win method of taking the relationship to the next level from a variety of perspectives.

With that said, there are many things that can be done to supplement the pleasure-enhancing technique of simply tying up a lover. Bring out the soft blindfold-the element of surprise should never be underestimated. The body’s sensation receptors can truly be heightened by the way it feels to be pleasured at the will of another without seeing it coming. Recall how much more ticklish we are when someone sneaks up on us!

Now let’s add in something a little less common. Try using an ice cube on your tied-up, blindfolded lover. My experience with ice cubes rates quite high. I remember his lips cold on my skin, pressed against my neck. Then I felt it suddenly, the wet ice cube sliding down between my breasts leaving a cold trail as it melted on my hot skin. He picked it up and I was paralyzed with excitement, wondering about his next move. Then, I felt the ice cube in his fingers along the insides of my thighs. The contrast between the temperature of his skin and the ice cube on this sensitive area so suddenly caused my whole body to tremble. He pressed it gently into the crevice of my labia, back up and up to my stomach, around my nipples, up my chest and neck and into my mouth, the last sliver of ice melting in my mouth as his fingers lingered inside my lower lip. Wow, remembering this so vividly makes it hard to concentrate…

At this point, I was so naturally lubricated and aroused that when we arrived at the point of actual sexual penetration, the build-up inside of my mind and body greatly enhanced the orgasms and overall sensation of the sex.

Of course, I highly recommend trying out these simple sexual experiments. I cannot help but recall the whole experience in vivid, excruciating detail (oh, how I want to try this again for the first time!). All of this is easy, fun, and great for couples and lovers in all stages, but especially newer couples or couples looking for an introduction to spicing up their sex life!

Would you like to try a whip, or other sensation toys too?

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