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Why age is just a number and has no impact on your sex life

BDSM enthusiasts and practitioners come from all ages, genders and sexual orientation. Thus, it would make BDSM the most accommodating community in the world. Indeed, the age of the partners involved in a BDSM scene is insignificant. In fact, mature partners tend to have more and better BDSM experiences on account of their sexual history. Yet, can age become a problem in your sex life? The question raises a variety of answers and brings to light several aspects you need to be aware of so as not to harm yourself and your sexual confidence in your relationship.

As time goes by and you take part in more BDSM sexual encounters, then you become familiar with the different sex toys and accessories used. Indeed, some require a bit of mastery to be effective in a professional BDSM scene to deliver intense sexual satisfaction. You learn how to sexually stimulate your partner using nipple clamp and butt plugs, while at the same have passionate sexual intercourse combined with the right amount of dirty talk. Mature couples know to do this, incorporate sexual stimulation during intercourse and choose the right toys and accessories for specific BDSM scenes to increase their level of sexual pleasure.

A good case in point would be an edge play scene. While you can try it out as beginners, chances are you might not enjoy it as much as you would if you had waited until you have had more BDSM sexual experiences. Why? It is because you first need to master the simpler BDSM scenes before you can get to this level of sex.

Dirty talk is another form of sexual stimulation you can get better at with time and practice. When you add dirty talk into your sexual encounter, you have to adapt your tone and words as well as your attitude to the type of BDSM scene you are playing and to your partner’s level of sexual experience. For a beginner, dirty talk would involve sexual descriptions, as kinky as you can make it so as to stimulate both of you in the moment. Over time, it can progress to verbal humiliation with name calling, the use of extreme kinky words and even taboo subjects. The way you say it should excite both of you and perhaps elicit an even kinkier reaction from your partner.

The correct use of verbal humiliation to stimulate both of you can be tricky. But, your collective BDSM experiences would give you the vocabulary and imagination to do it right. Speaking of imagination, you should know the more experience you have the better you get at crafting creative bondage ideas. You learn how to use ropes in different ways, body harnesses and blindfolds. Thus, enabling you to create a unique bondage style scene to give both of you intense stimulation!

All these would not be possible, unless you have practiced BDSM fetishes and fantasies for years and have gotten to know your partner better in the process. A few days of sexual encounters are not enough for both of you to develop a common sexual and body language today.

Hence, age becomes a huge advantage for BDSM couples. Then again, it is possible for the mature partner to take control over the entire BDSM scene and lead their less experienced partner to the ultimate level of sexual satisfaction.

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