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Best Subtle Flirting Advice for Her

You can always use some flirting moves to get the attention of the guy you like. The idea is for them to notice you then eventually start flirting with you and ask you on a date. However, this can be a bit tricky sometimes, so I have some tips to help you out next time you spot someone in the crowd.

If you don’t know someone you are attracted to very well then you’ll want to try some subtle flirting. The idea is for him to know you are interested, but not too much for him not to make an effort. Basically you want to draw him in a little bit or a lot *wink*

You should always smile and have an air of general happiness when you are talking to him. If you want him to come close to you or you want to call him, wave and smile at the same time. When you guys are talking make sure to laugh coyly when he makes a joke and try giggling every once in a while.

When you are in a conversation, stare deep into his eyes. Before (when you are not close), make sure to look at him until he looks back at you, but at the last minute look away since you want to keep him guessing a bit!

If you are feeling sensual and cheeky, you can try whispering in his ear. Ideally you should do this when the two of you are together in a crowded place. Make sure your lips touch his ears (by accident, of course *wink*) Anything can be a good excuse to whisper in his ear when there is a significant amount of noise where you are at, so don’t hesitate to do so like, ’I am going to the ladies room’, ‘Should we get another drink?,’ ‘It is really loud in here, do you want to go somewhere more quiet?

Another thing you can do ‘by accident’ is to lean on him. There are several moments you can do this where it looks natural to do so. For instance, grab his arm to adjust your shoe, hold his arm while you are walking, hold on to him so you don’t get lost in the crowd, lean in close because someone ‘pushed you’, etc.

A good move to have in your arsenal is to flick your hair, especially if you have longer hair. All you need to do is gather all your hair in one hand and flick to one shoulder. The idea is to do this unexpectedly while you guys are talking casually; remember this should look natural. Usually this little move makes a guy crazy.

Something else you can do and looks natural is to draw attention to your lips. You want him to subconsciously have your lips on his mind, which is a great way to get into his brain. The easiest way to do this is by touching your lips when you are thinking, as if you were contemplating something. You can also bite your lips every once in a while or even gently smack your lips together.

Guys also love it when a woman compliments them, so make sure to do it often. Don’t hesitate in flattering him for his accomplishes and speak very highly of the things he does. On the same note, don’t be afraid to ask for help because men love feeling useful. Ask for his help when you need to carry something heavy or ask him something you don’t know. Just ask him to help you and he will probably be delighted.

When you are talking to him, initiate some physical contact. You want to gently touch his arm to prove a point or grab his shoulder when you are standing up; basically find little subtle ways to touch him.

When you are saying goodbye and walking away, look back at him and flash him a little smile before continuing to go your way. It’s so romantic. *wink*

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