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Best Ways to Experience Forced Orgasms

Forced orgasms? Isn’t that an oxymoron? In a way, it is. But it is a very common fantasy and a very normal BDSM play. It means a willing person will be “forced” by another one to have an orgasm again and again…death by orgasm, if you say so wink*

The orgasms can be achieved in any preferred way. The person forcing the orgasm can manually stimulate the other or they can do so through a very fun toy. They can place a vibrator inside a vagina for instance, or insert a vibrating butt plug or stimulate the nipples with clamps…whatever it is that makes the person go crazy with stimulation.

A very common fantasy for women is the rope harness or vibrator harness. In this scenario, the woman is tied and a harness with a vibrator is inserted inside her. Sometimes, a spreader bar is also included. For some, the ultimate high is being placed on a suspended rope with a rope harness directly on a sensitive area, with the spreader bar being optional but welcomed.

For others, the fantasy is administering the orgasm themselves while their bottom or partner “suffers”. They will usually put a gag in place and will bind them, so they are completely helpless to their administrations. This can include adding something else for better stimulation, like a plug or clamps. Basically anything that highlights the sensations and stimulation.

A dominatrix or master can have their male bottom bound or even lying spread eagle on a bed. They will then stimulate them and make the person have an erection. They will pump until they are almost about to come and then stop. They will usually repeat the process a couple of times until the man can’t handle it anymore. When it’s time, they will pump intensely till they finally orgasm; wait a moment, and then repeat the hard pumping until they come again. They repeat the process several times, but basically just until the man can’t virtually no longer come. Sounds fun, right?

This technique is kind of like the opposite of tease and denial, so it’s a good idea to give it a try to see if it is your thing. It’s also worth noting that, for some people, it’s next to impossible having orgasm after orgasm. And that is normal, not everyone is the same! So, how do you know if you can orgasm time after time? Well, you will just have to try it…wink*.

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