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Hot Foreplay Ideas to Drive Your Man Wild

Who doesn’t love foreplay? I mean, if you love pleasure and fun things you probably love foreplay too. Even though there is some sort of greater importance of foreplay for women, men also need it. It can be can beneficial for them as well. Sadly, you can only do limited things in foreplay with a man. Let’s resolve that, if you’d like to join me, of course wink*

1. Arouse him by stripping

Just as anyone loves sex, men love stripteases. This is a perfect opportunity to remind your partner how sexy you can be when you really set your mind to it. There is something incredibly sexy with watching a woman undressing herself. To begin with, you may want to lift your skirt a little bit to show your stockings off. Then, little by little remove them while running your hands along your thighs and calves. Continue by undoing every button and finish by unclasping your bra and letting the straps fall over your shoulders - it will drive him crazy if you put on a show.

2. Tease him in an indirect approach

If you are looking for something a bit faster, you can always send him a text massage or give him a call to let him know what you want to do: he will love something like, “I want to kiss you all over tonight” or “I can’t wait to get home and blow you.” It is always a good idea to keep the spark ignited and this is a cool and easy way to do it; the anticipation for what is coming makes up for great foreplay. Oh, and you can also send him a sexy picture to go with those dirty words wink*

If your partner has a planner or calendar, don’t let go of this chance: pick a date and write down ‘have sex at 9.’ You will obviously not tell him anything about it, so when the reminder comes or he looks up at his schedule he will notice there is something more in his ‘to do list’ wink*

3. Allow him to choose

Another cool thing you can do is to take him with you to a lingerie store and let him pick what he wants you to wear…So he can take it off later, of course. This is something not many men expect, the aspect of a sexy surprise is totally there. If you want to go a little more risqué, you can make him go through several toys and pick what he wants for you two to use. As you can see, there are several variations of this scenario.

4. Use your shoes ladies!

Something else a lot of men find really sexy is heels and feet. If your man is one of them try playing footsie often. If you are having dinner, run the side of your foot on his calf, all the way to the outside and inside of his leg. Another thing you can do is to take off your shoes completely and put your feet in his lap when you two are sitting down somewhere somewhat private or dark, he will find it super sexy.

On the other hand, you can always do the old routine of coat and heels, without nothing underneath. Go out to have dinner and when you are sitting down, casually let him know you are not wearing anything under that coat.

  • Make time for yourselves

For those with busy lives and children, it can be a nice little present to simply relax for a night and enjoy each other as a couple. When he least expects it, surprise him by hiring a nanny or by dropping the kids to a family member or a friend so the two of you can have the night exclusively for yourselves. You can let him know with a little note to make things a bit more special.

If going away for a night is too much, then you can bring the romantic ambience to your home. When you are both winding off from the day, fix some drinks and sit right next to him. Chat away and let the conversation flow and if you want, continue with some kissing, touches and sex. The idea is to never lose that connection and spark as a couple!

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