July 31, 2016 3 min read

Best Toys for Orgasmic Nipple Play

You may not be aware of it, but: your nipples are one of the most erogenous zones in your body (Ha, got cha, of course you knew that wink*).Given their nature, there are many ways one can make the most out of their sensitivity. Besides the usual stimulating through touch and mouth, have you ever thought about investing in something specifically designed for them? There are many different nipple toys out there and it’s time for you to get one!

Probably the most common nipple toy out there is the nipple suckers AKA: nipple pumps and nipple vacuums. Their name is quite self-explanatory, they suck your nipples, just like a mouth would (a very enhanced mouth, wink*) . They are very easy to use, just decrease the bulb, place them over your bundles of pleasure and the suction will keep them there; you can use some lubrication to help them get in place. As anything that sucks, they will increase the blood flow and sensitivity. This will make your nipples feel very large and will also make them erect. Have inverted nipples? These may be the solution to your problem, because long-term use of nipple pumps can make them draw out and in addition to that they will look more perky. Win-win for everyone involved.

On the other hand we have nipple clamps. There are different variations of them, but let’s start with the definition. You may have heard of them or have seen them and have probably been intimidated by them, but they are actually quite gentle. They are meant to produce a pinching effect; this can be light and teasing or hard and intense, depending on what you like. You can find them in several versions:

    • Adjustable: I will recommend you to get an adjustable pair if you are a beginner because you will be able to adjust the pressure. The screws are the adjustable part of them and you can make them as tight or loose as you wish.
    • Non adjustable: They have one level of stimulation; usually they are made to offer a lot of pressure
  • Vibrating: It doesn’t always have to be a matter of how much pressure is exerted, sometimes it’s about a whole different experience. They can come in various models, ranging from strong and intense vibrating alligator clamps to something a bit softer like vibrating nipple pumps.

If you want to get one step further, you can always get some nipple weights for your nipple clamps. The point of them will be to increase the pain and pressure, so these are definitely for those nipple-clamps-experienced women. There are some clamps that already have weights included, but you can always get the weights separately; the weight can range from 2oz to 10oz. The sensation? It kind of feels like your nipples are being pulled, so if that thought excites you, what are you waiting for? Wink*.

Last but not least, we have nipple tweezers. They are similar to nipple clamps in that they also pinch the nipples. The pinch can range from mild to intense and are regularly adjustable. They usually have rubber tips so they feel a bit more comfortable on the skin.

Now that you know all of this, I have one more fact for you: do you know that 1 percent of women can orgasm just through nipple stimulation? Are you one of them? If you are not sure or said no, how about getting a nipple toy to find out or reconsider your answer? Wink*.

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