April 07, 2017 2 min read

Pumping the D - Get In Shape To Satisfy!

Cock pumps are a great way to enhance and achieve your complete penis potential. It’s also great to improve overall men’s health and of great help if you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. Trying it doesn’t hurt anybody, so there’s really nothing to lose here.

Using a pump is extremely easy. They are made out of several parts, and the device doesn’t look scary at all. First, you have the cylinder; you will put your penis inside it. You also have a pump; used to well, pump to your desired pressure. There is also a rubber ring that will create the seal or vacuum between the cylinder and the penis.

The cells in the penis will expand as blood flow goes into your member. This is achieved by manually pumping air out of the cylinder. Some men like to use it in the shower because they find it easier to create a sort of routine and as most pumps are made out of plastic and rubber, you can get them inside the shower and they won’t get damaged.

While most pumps are basically the same, there are some different models out there you can find. That is why is so important to do some research before getting one. No matter what pump you choose, it’s important to check for good quality materials and a good and effective pump. Keep in mind cheap plastic can damage easily if it falls and if you damage the cylinder, the pump will basically won’t work because the cylinder won’t be able to function as a vacuum probably. So yes, you may probably have to get a new one.

As for results, you will of course see results right away because the pumping will work immediately. Most men can experience growth by 1-3 inches. However, results can vary depending on several factors. The most important thing in order to see results are you need to be consistent, use it regularly and good overall health. As everyone is different, your experience may slight differ from others depending on your situation; but bottom line is, a good pumping regime will be key to getting better results.

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