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Fun Role-play Ideas to Try Tonight

What many they do as part of their BDSM play (or any type of sex play) is to shed their everyday persona and adopt a whole new personality, even for the moment. Role-playing allows you to break free from your usual image and become someone else, perhaps, someone wild and bold or maybe someone shy and docile. So, it only makes sense for people who enjoy BDSM activities to engage in role-playing and sharing. Moreover, possibly act out fantasies with their partners.

Yet some people are reluctant to engage in role-playing. First timers might find it strange and may even feel embarrassed by it. Then again, some could be afraid of revealing exactly what things turn them on. And yes, the first few times you try to act out different roles, can be awkward. So, you could end up just sharing a lot of laughs with your partner. But hey, that’s not a bad thing!

As with fantasies, no rules apply to role-playing. You can act out any type of character or scenario you want (of course, this is assuming you and your partner are okay with it.) You might choose to make a big production out of it, even going so far as to get props and dress up in costumes. Let your imagination run wild! This is a great way to add fun (and even laughs) to your sex play. On the other hand, it can also raise a sense of mystery and spontaneity, because you will be adopting roles probably very different from the usual lives you both live.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of role-playing scenarios popular among members of the BDSM community:

Bodyguard and Celebrity

Be sure your partner is clear about his or her duty to guard your body, as closely as possible. In this scenario, you are sick of hangers-on who just use you and brag to their friends about you. Hence, you want someone you can trust with your personal safety and well-being—and any other personal desires you may have.

Cop and Criminal

You can start things off with a thorough frisking. But keep in mind, a strip search is essential at some point. This is the perfect time to break out those handcuffs! So, for the woman playing the role of the criminal, you know what to do.

Good Girl and Bad Boy, or Vice Versa

This is a classic “opposites attract” pairing. It usually ends up with the bad boy corrupting the good girl, in other words, she sheds her Goody Two-Shoes image. Think Olivia Newton-John in Grease. Then again, you could turn it around and make the good girl the seducer, like Molly Ringwald pouncing on Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club.

Prison Guard and Female Inmate

A girl can get really lonely, going without the company of a man for so long. So, see if you can earn some privileges for “good behavior.” You can help your guard get in the mood by sharing highlights from all the girl-on-girl action you get with the other inmates. For the prison guard role, remember to carry out a body cavity search.

Political Leader and Intern

You can probably guess what notorious encounter inspired this set-up. Service your partner while he is on the phone and seated at the desk. If you like, you can also throw in the cigar-related move. Dress up as a great political leader or come as your favorite president.

Role-playing can take on many forms as well as the actual roles you decide to act out. It could mean the two of you have an ongoing storyline or dialogue (in your pretend roles) as you act out your fantasies. But remember, the most important things here —as with any BDSM activities or sexual behavior —is to feel safe,secure, and respected enough to reveal yourself, physically and emotionally. Moreover, without fear of being hurt, embarrassed, or judged. Keep in mind; it should be a judgment-free environment where you do not have to worry about looking silly.

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