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Tasty Ways to Mix Food and Foreplay

Food and sex are definitely two of the greatest sources of pleasure in life. It is a good idea to combine them every once in a while. More specifically, you can always combine them in foreplay to get the best out of both worlds. There are many possibilities when it comes to combining the two. Basically, what you do will depend on what you are looking for and your preferences. To give you an idea about it, here are some tips for you to start in this wonderful mishmash of gastronomic orgasm and sexual bliss.

Cherry ecstasy

To begin with, you can start with a classic kissing game involving a cherry. The idea is to see who can tie a cherry stem with a knot using just their tongue, just like the iconic scene in Twin Peaks (if you don’t remember it, just look up Audrey, cherry, Twin Peaks). When you are done, you can grab the actual fruit and squeeze the juice all over your partner’s body especially their sensitive areas like the nipples or the neck.

Popsicle pleasure

    Another great choice is popsicles. Obviously, everyone knows how phallic these sugary treats look, so it can be a good idea to use them to show off your blow job skills. Just go and eat one of them while your partner looks on and make sure to put on a show with it. *wink* On the other hand, you can start making out and every once in while take a bite of the popsicle and exchange all the juices. You can even run the popsicle over your partner’s nipples and then lick it, of course *wink*

    Succumb by cucumber

    We also need to talk about another phallic food: cucumbers. As a matter of fact, a lot of women have used them to masturbate at some point in their lives. You might also be one of them. *wink* If you want to use it as a dildo, make sure to rinse it with water and soap to remove anything unnecessary and of course always put a condom on it. Please don’t ever insert a vegetable into your vagina without putting on a condom first and use a little bit of lubrication. Oh! If you will be using the cucumber on different partners, remember to change the condom.

    Chocolate and cheese relish

      Chocolate syrup is an amazing foreplay food because you can run it over your partner’s body. But, if you don’t have a sweet tooth you can always use brie as in brie cheese. It works the same; you get messy all over your partner’s skin then just lick everything clean afterward. You can also eat the crackers and the cheese as a post coital snack. So incredibly fancy…

      Lustful grapes

      Since we are feeling indulgent, what is more indulging than grapes? You can make your lover feed you grapes while you wear a blindfold. It will make the sensation more intense and the taste fascinating.

      Creamy and kinky

      For those who are in the mood for something classic, you can never go wrong with whipped cream. You can spray it in different areas of your partner’s body and then lick it off; this can be especially exciting if you follow up with oral sex. For instance, create a line from their neck all the way down to their genitals and give them a blow job or go down on them. Just be careful about getting the cream in your partner’s labia because sugar can cause yeast infections.

      Grapefruit and blow job

      If you want to step up your blow job game, then you need to try the grapefruit technique. If pop culture has not invaded you yet and you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll explain dear reader. First you need to slice off the sides of the grapefruit and cut off a circle in the middle roughly the size of your partner’s penis. When your man is erect, place the grapefruit on the base of his penis and move it up and down fast like a hand job while you blow him normally. Apparently, this makes men crazy…let me know, would you?

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