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Why You Want Glass Sex Toys in Your Bondage Life

The appeal of glass sex toys goes far beyond just how gorgeous they can be. Curious? I bet you are! Read on.

Why choose glass?

Do you ever see glass dildos and think of them as a work of art? Their visual appeal—created from high-end glass, handcrafted in clear or other colors swirling together—separates them from dildos made from other materials. Some may even mistake them for a small sculpture at first glance! But the beauty of glass sex toys goes far beyond simply visual pleasure.

Glass toys have the ability to retain temperature quite easily, which is perfect if you’re interested in (or already know the glory) of playing with hot and cold during sex. Before use, try putting your glass toy of choice in a bowl of ice or the freezer for a few minutes. It won’t take long to cool down just a bit. Obviously, the colder you want it, the longer you keep it chilled. After a couple hours, your glass toy will be ice cold, making up a fanstastic experience. On the other hand, if you’re looking to go in the opposite direction, run it under hot water, or keep it in a bowl of hot water. Remember: the hotter the water, the hotter your toy will become, and it won’t take long. Always allow some time for cooling off before inserting it into the body or even touching it to sensitive areas, like the clitoris, otherwise it could cause some unpleasant damage and we dont want that, right? wink*. Before using them, always remember to check the temperature against the back of your hand to avoid accidents.

Glass sex toys are also extremely hard (the harder the better, wink*) So they will feel much different than sex toys made of rubber or jelly. The hardness of a glass toy makes it perfect for stimulation of the g-spot and even the prostate (especially for you guys!), delivering the right firmness and force that is needed to reach orgasm in these areas.

Also, unlike many other toys, glass toys are nonporous, making the clean up a piece of cake. Just use soap and water, or even put them in the dishwasher if you’re too tired after all that fun (I’m not judging you, trust me wink*)

Ready to browse for some glass toys, yet? Here we have excellent selections glass toys, or for the more specific browser, glass dildos and glass plugs.

Choosing a Glass Sex Toy

For vaginal use with a glass toy, dildos are a great way to go. They come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors, so you’ll have lots of options to choose from (yay!). They can have a curved shaft with lots of ribbing, so if you’re into texture, those are a must. There are also dildos with nubs, which will provide a different type of sensation. I love those because they have extra nubs around the shaft of the toy so they can be enjoyed on the clitoris and the g-spot at the same time (always a good thing!) Just thinking about that intensity gets me all riled up… And don’t forget about the vibrating options; besides there great models that can be used by for beginners, both vaginally and anally.

For anal use, especially for beginners, a glass toy that has a ring or a wide base on the outer end will be safer to use. Without the wide base or ring, make sure to exercise caution or you may have to interrupt your session with a trip to the hospital. Keeping things safe will leave you relaxed and ready for pure pleasure and fun. What you’re planning to do with your glass anal toy will determine which type you choose. For example, a glass anal toy with a ring or a handle on the end will be uncomfortable to sit on, but this type will be easy to spin around so you can take full advantage of nubs and rivets. A flared base at the end will provide more flexibility and comfort in this regard if your plan to sit on it. Beginners should stick to smaller sizes at first, around 1” at the widest point. But for those experienced with anal play, the possibilities are wide open.

Also, quality is an important factor in selecting a glass toy. High-end glass, like borosilicate (translation: Pyrex), is the least likely to break or chip and holds temperature really well. Before each use, make sure there are no chips or cracks. Besides, make sure not to leave the glass toy on unwanted, dangerous places. Store glass toys at room temperature, in a cloth bag or a towel, to keep them protected from breakage.

And don’t forget to pick out some of your favorite lubricants for the occasion! Like I mentioned before, glass toys are very, very slippery, so you won’t need to apply much of it—although you may need to use a bit more for anal play. Anal lube will work top notch with glass toys. Use of a tightening cream can increase sensation, so you can take full advantage of all the little nubs on your glass toy.

Whether you’re using toys with a partner, or spending a not-so-quiet-night alone for some solo play, glass toys provide possibilities that you won’t want to pass up. You will be able to achieve the most intense pleasure and incredible orgasms, for your lover and yourself with this little treasure.

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