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3 Tips to Choose the Best Lube for Sex

Lube can be your best friend during sexual intercourse, especially when natural moisture doesn’t work so well in certain positions. The right lube can save you from a lot of uncomfortable friction and even keep your condom from drying up. Be imaginative and creative to discover the many ways to use different lubricants so your sexual encounters become more enjoyable. The market offers a variety of lubricants you can choose from based on your flavor and texture preferences. It is a good idea to consult with your partner when shopping for a new lube. Remember, you don’t want to buy one with a flavor your partner is allergic to or has a strong distaste for. Lube should be present during all your sexual encounters. It is a good idea to have it within reach before things get wild because natural lube is not always a given. For beginners who might lack inspiration when it comes to how you can use your lubricant during sex, here are some great ideas to help you get started using it the right way!

1. Use it during masturbation

Your hands might get dry when you are enjoying a good session of masturbation alone. So, it can become unpleasant to use on your intimate areas. Moisturizing lotion is not designed to touch sensitive skin like the genitalia. So be warned, it can cause more harm than good. Most moisturizing lotions have chemicals damaging to the skin. Moreover, it could cause uncomfortable side effects because these are moisturizers and not lubricants. These unwanted reactions can be even more devastating if you use the cream inside you. Make sure to use lubricant when you play with your dildo or vibrator and remember to get it into other areas of your body as well. With the right lubricant your masturbation sessions can become a favorite hobby. But be careful when using lubes with electro stimulating devices to keep yourself as safe as possible. Read the manufacturer’s recommendations before doing so.

2. Use it during intercourse

You can use lube during sexual intercourse in a variety of ways to make it exciting for you and your partner. Apply it directly on your body, on your partner’s body or on the condom itself. Just make sure not to put too much of it because you would not want his penis to slide everywhere. If it does, then you will not enjoy the pleasure of penetration at all. Remember, a small drop of lube on the penis can go a long way. However, if such an accident happens then you can easily fix it by wiping the excess off with tissue or a cloth towel. Remember you don’t want to remove all of the friction between your bodies. You just want the right amount to make it more comfortable. Lubricants can be used during vaginal and anal intercourse. Likewise, use it when you and your lover play with each other’s bodies. It will make such a big difference. Thus, you will not be able to imagine having sex without it ever again. Not to mention, lubricant can help when you want to increase the size of the dildo or butt plug from medium to large.

3. Lube your condom

Condoms come in a variety of styles, colors and even shapes. They also come pre-lubricated but some have no lube at all, so be aware of this when purchasing such items. Remember, you don’t have to put a lot of lube on your condom to increase your sexual sensations. The thing is many guys don’t like to wear condoms because they feel it takes away from the pleasure of sexual intercourse. However, adding a few drops of lube can increase the sensitivity you feel inside the latex.

Beside these techniques, you can use lube during a blow job. Likewise, during any other sexual encounter you can think of to create a more natural and sensual feeling.

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