May 20, 2016 3 min read

How to Choose the Best Nipple Clamp for You

People usually say curiosity killed the cat, but in the case ofnipple clamps, the cat definitely had a lot of fun, wink*. You may have seen nipple clamps pop out on your favorite sex toy shop or in some sexy porn you were watching. May I be so bold to assume you already have a pair lying around but don’t use them often because you are not so sure about them? Well, let’s remedy that, shall we?

The first thing you should know is there are a lot of different options; it will all depend on what your tastes (or your partner’s!) are like. Some nipple clamps can look borderline painful, while others actually look really pretty and aesthetically nice. But, as they say, let’s start at the beginning.

The most common and inexpensive model are called the alligator clamps. They are small, so keep in mind that if you have larger nipples they may not work for you. And they can also be somewhat painful because they don’t have a rubber tip to cushion the clamp and your skin. If you ask me, I would say not to start with these because they can give you a bad impression about nipple clamps. Besides, I don’t consider them to be a great investment, so I would definitely say that you skip these cheaper models.

The other model I will be talking you about are called tweezer clamps. If you are wondering about that name, is simply because they look like a pair of tweezers, wink*. They are very pretty (to look at) and most women are attracted to this model because they look very feminine. These types do have a rubber tip so they will be comfortable; they also have a ring at the closed end that covers the whole nipple, depending on the level of tension you prefer. If you ask for my opinion (and I’m sure you are dying to hear it, he he)I would suggest a pair like these to start with; they don’t have an intense amount of pressure so they are perfect for starters.

On the other hand, we have bull nosed clamps. The reason why they are known with that term is they have a blunt end and a screw in the middle and the tips are also covered in rubber or latex, so there are no worries there in the comfort department. The screw I mentioned before is placed in order to increase or decrease the tension that is being applied to the nipple; tightening the screw actually makes the tension looser. You can make the screw tight at first for someone who is just starting and then slowly increase the tension from there (feels really nice, wink*) Once the clamps are put in place, you can slowly release the screw. This will increase the tension that is being put in the nipple. Just remember to do it slowly so you can control the amount of pressure, wink*.

Clover or Japanese clamps are a bit funny looking so it’s hard to describe them. They may seemed overly complicated but don’t be fooled by their appearance. This model has a smaller rubberized point that touches the nipple. I have to mention these types of clamps are not adjustable, so my advice would be: only meant to be used by people who are used to having their nipples clamped. The tension in these is quite strong and they are also heavier than the others I mentioned above. They are very fun, but as I mentioned, they are only for people playing the level: expert (he he, wink*)

I would also like to mention vises. Yes, technically they are not nipples clamps but they are highly popular. The sensation when wearing a pair is as if one’s nipple is being crushed (sounds tough but they are actually really fun) Oh! And they are adjustable, wink*.

And since we are talking about alternative nipple clamps, I should probably mention a very known household item: the clothespin. A lot of people actually use them as an alternative to nipple clamps because chances are they already have a few lying around. Now, if you ask me I would have to warn you to only use wooden because plastic ones are harder on the nipple and are not as adjustable. Before using them, you may want to loosen the tension though. This can be easily done by forcing the closed tips further than normal, stretching the mechanism that keeps them together. You can actually have more than one pair with different levels of intensity, so you can build up or have some variety. But in my opinion, although this is an easy alternative, nothing beats a good quality pair of nipple clamps. So acquire as you choose, wink*.

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