May 25, 2017 3 min read

Sexy Role Play BDSM Scenes You Must Do

Role play can be a great addition to any sex life. Or even a cool way to spice things up on a date or just a regular sex night (or morning? Wink) You do need to plan ahead in order to get the most out of it; role play is not an improvised thing. In order for things to look improvised you will need to invest some time beforehand, but it be worth it because it’s a lot of fun.

With some imagination and creativity, role play can be a highly successful activity for you and your partner. It’s not only incredibly fun, but it can also strengthen the relationship between you and your partner. It also increases imagination and creativity…and it can lead to some pretty awesome mind blowing sex, of course.

So, these are just a few ideas for you to jump in to the role play bandwagon:

  • Handyman: In this scenario, you partner will visit your house to get something done. Maybe they will be a plumber or an electrician, whatever you need help with. They will knock on the door, and “oh surprise…the lady of the house has on some sexy lingerie on” The handyman will get started on the reparations for a while, but the woman will lean and casually brush against them several times to let them know she needs help with something else entirely…
  • Hitchhiking: For this, you two will need a car. You can wait by the side of the road for a while and your partner will kindly offer you a ride. The driver may want some sort of payment for the ride…or maybe the hitchhiker is a horny one that wants to pull over? Just make sure to do it on a secluded area because you don’t want any embarrassing public scenarios.
  • The taxi: In this scenario, one of you will take a cab and will “casually find” an old acquaintance down the street also looking for cab. Offer to spit the cab and head to a hotel or home. You can start to catch up, but then things can get started on the back of the cab…make sure you wear a skirt wink*
  • If being a prisoner is your jam, this one is right for you. The prisoner will be locked, even handcuffed or restricted if they are extra dangerous. The guard will be watching them and keeping guard…but the guard is feeling really attracted to said prisoner. The guard can offer the prisoner freedom if they do some sexual favors… or the prisoner can seduce the guard in order to get released. It can go in several directions.
  • Ok, this one is probably a huge fantasy out there: the teacher and the student. The student will be dressed in a naughty uniform; the teacher can have glasses. This scenario can have several variations: the naughty student can seduce the unassuming teacher, or the teacher can seduce the innocent student instead. Maybe the poor student is totally inexperienced? Well, it’s up to the teacher to explain some things then. Sex 101, you can call it wink*.
  • Another one that is really common is playing doctor/nurse and patient. One of you will play a poor patient, maybe the patient is bed ridden or they are simply going in for a regular check up. The medical professional will then attend to them: maybe the nurse can give them a thorough sponge bath? They don’t want any dirty spots, for sure…Or maybe the doctor is being a bit more…invasive? Oh doctor, you really need to touch that area? Nothing is off limits…

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