August 13, 2016 2 min read

Using Male Chastity for Erectile Dysfunction

Studies about men who practice chastity have proven to increase testosterone levels and help with erectile dysfunction. Yes, you read that right; male chastity also has health benefits besides of fulfilling sexual desires. What’s more, a lot of men who suffer from ED are incorporating these devices to their sex lives because it brings satisfaction and sexual enjoyment without needing to be hard. So, shall we take a deeper look at it?

When you are put in a chastity device, your body goes through several things. For one, your sexual desire actually increases because those cravings can’t be satisfied; that constant teasing without actually ejaculating. A cock cage builds the anticipation and gives you a sense of sexual constraint because you can’t just go and touch yourself when you like. Think about cages like a very long foreplay…sexy, huh?

We live in a world and age where sex and the release of anything sexual is what provides the pleasure, so how about waiting for it for once?

Science has also proven men who are locked in chastity experience something called “devotion”. That is basically the desire to please their partner in any way. That is why a lot of women insist their man to try a device, to see the changes in their attitude. And when I say they want to please them in every way, it’s not just sexually. So that opens a great array of possibilities and positive changes that will make the couple happier.

Usually the partner not in the cagewill is referred as the key holder because that person will decide when to release the captive from the device. This is great because the man will have to sexually satisfy their partner in other ways because the penis is out of the equation (weirder phrases have been uttered written). But don’t get scared, cutie pie. Women are easier to satisfy than men and they also have plenty of erogenous zones. It will be time to get creative, wink*.

And remember what I said about testosterone levels? Well, Scientists have found that after periods of abstinence, testosterone levels go up. And as I’m sure you know, testosterone controls sexual desires and basically anything having to do with men’s sexual health. For men who are experiencing hormone imbalances, this could be the solution to the issue.

In addition to that, chastity also can make you happier! And I’m not talking about “I feel good”, I’m talking about the actual happiness hormones. Those same studies have shown men in chastity also release dopamine (happiness hormone) and also feel and are more focused. The key behind it is the ejaculation; if a man doesn’t ejaculate, its brain releases a combination of hormones that will make all those things happen (a great cocktail! Wink*)

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