Your Ultimate Guides to Wrapping It Up

Autumn's Bondage 101: Beginner’s Mummification Guide

In order to have an immersive and full experience with bondage, you can try mummification. This is not for the faint of heart; after all you will be completely immobile and restricted.

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How to Feel Safe When Wrapped in Bondage Tape

Bondage tape it’s one of the most versatile BDSM items out there. It makes up for a perfect way to tie someone up really fast, either to their own limbs or to piece of furniture....

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Autumn's Bondage 101: Beginner's Guide to Bondage Wrap Play

Bondage or vet wrap is a piece of stretchy and flexible fabric commonly used on bondage scenarios and bondage play. It was first used in the real life world by veterinarians, but it has evolved...

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Autumn's Bondage 101: Beginner's Guide to Bondage Wrap

When you want to tie someone up and have your wicked way with them, ropes are probably the first thing you are thinking about…or chains, depending on preference wink*.

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Quick Bondage Wrap Ideas For Beginners!

Bondage wrap is a great way to practice some light bondage and have fun. It’s really easy to put it on and really easy to get it off, so it’s perfect for short scenes, beginners,...

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