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5 Secrets to Get Ready for Anal Games

Anal play does not come natural for most women. In fact, it takes some training to be able to enjoy it. But if you want to try it and you are willing to put in the work then we are here to help you! Your partner will be more than thankful to see you open up to try new things. Hence, it can be the beginning of a new sexual era for both of you. Here are some tips and hints to help you enjoy anal play and prepare you for such an intense sexual encounter! Let’s look at some secrets to set you up for an incredible adventure!

1. Get used to exploring your anal area

Yes, going from no experience to having a hard penis inside there is not an easy transition. So, it is best to take it slow. Start by using your finger to explore your anal area. Afterward, you can move on to small butt plugs then dildos. In time, you will be ready to increase the size of sex toys and ultimately be ready for your partner’s penis or a dildo of similar size to it.

2. Lubricate!

Don’t even try to play the hero and have your first anal sex experience without lubricant. All you will be in is a lot of pain. Thus, it will push you farther away from enjoying anal sex. Use a lube if you plan to have anal sex with your partner or even if you only plan to play with your dildo. Lube makes it easier and more pleasant. So you might enjoy it since it will go a lot smoother than without.

3. Indulge in foreplay

Foreplay is a good idea for many BDSM scenes or any other type of sexual encounter. However, when it comes to anal sex, good foreplay is important to its success. If you are excited, your focus will be more on the pleasure of having anal sex than on the pain. So, it benefits both of you. Remember, a little pain during anal sex can be hot, but if it is all pain then there is nothing exciting about it.

4. Take it slow

This is essential when it comes to your first anal sexual encounter. No need to rush it. Take your time during intercourse and tell your partner to pace themselves as well. It is important to be comfortable with every step of the process so make sure you do it when you are ready! Don’t push yourself and don’t go too hardcore for the first time because it might end up traumatic than pleasurable. You need to be relaxed during anal sex so your lover can penetrate you. Little by little, you will be ready to enjoy the whole experience!

5. Use the right positions

Now, there is no need to get creative the first time you try out anal sex. Rest assured you will have plenty of time for kinky ideas later on when you are more at ease with it. As a beginner, it is best to go for a position you are comfortable in. A natural pose for such a performance can help create the right amount of comfort for you. A spooning position is popular for beginners. You can also sit on your partner’s lap. Choosing a position wherein you have control is preferable when you do not know how to carry out a sexual practice to its fullest potential.

Drop your inhibitions and share your feelings with your partner during an anal encounter. If you do then they will be able to adapt to your needs and support you in the process so you can enjoy it even more. Who knows you might get to love this sexual practice after a few times!

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