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A Beginner's Guide to Male Chastity – Part 2

A male chastity device can seem a little intimidating at first, but like most unknown things, you need to get some information to lose the initial trepidation and fully enjoy the experience wink*. The first thing I hear regarding this subject is why should you need to acquire such device? Well, I have to say a lot of men love the idea of loosing control and relinquishing the sexual control to their partner. The fact that their partner is the one in charge and the only one capable of controlling their pleasure is more than a little exciting, right? This devices bring more sensations and fun to the sexual act, in addition to improving the general well being of the couple, strengthening the bond between two people and increasing the confidence in each other.

To begin with, tell your partner you wish to please him sexually without allowing him to achieve an orgasm. A little “word foreplay” here is highly recommended, (I have your best interests at hand wink*) you can say that if he behaves, you may allow him to reach orgasm tomorrow. For some guys, it may seem a little strange at first, but without a doubt they will become more turned on with the idea of their partner holding control and in turn, finding that power arousing…I know I’m getting hot just thinking about it…

Once both parties are used to the idea, you can add the chastity device. When it is properly adjusted, you will have to behave in a more commanding mode. Here is the opportunity to get full on Dominatrix on him (he will probably love it), remind him at every chance he is under your control only and that his satisfaction depends sorely on you, your attitude should be commanding at all times; and you may also want to reaffirm his desire and commitment for this at every chance you get. He will have to follow your instructions to a T, so remember to give him detailed and explicit orders. Basically, loose the fear and embrace the inner dominatrix every one of us women has inside her, wink*. If your pet says he wants to take off the device in order to reach orgasm, tease him, reject his command but say you will think of a future time. This way he will have to keep you satisfied till that date wink*.

If you have never used a chastity device, the best curse of action is to ask your partner to put it on you (and this can add to a million other role play ideas, don’t be afraid to incorporate it wink*). Keep the padlock close and state that the second you close the device and the “click” is heard, the chaste period is in play and from now on you will be in complete charge and his pleasure will be at your hands.

Tip: Keep the keys on you at all times and make sure he knows it. This will make him understand you have the power and are in control. Oh! And make sure to have an extra of the key and put it on safe place, this way in a case of emergency he will be able to take off the device.

I have to mention chastity devices should be progressive. This means you should test them for short periods of time and build the use from there. A foolproof way to begin is this one: close it for one whole day, then proceed to close it one day and one night. If everything is all right, leave it on for two, maybe three days. Then you can check the penis for any irritation and making sure the device does not pinch. If your partner finds it ok, you can proceed leaving it on for longer periods of time. This ensures the safety of your partner, and I have not gotten any complaints so far…wink*

It is likely that the more you use the chastity device, more changes you will see in your man. It is probable he starts treating you like his queen (and you are!), act more attentive and will complain less. Once you have control, start giving him commands like cleaning up, running you a hot bath, giving you a massage, pleasuring you orally (or any other way whatsoever! wink*), etc. Don’t be afraid of being in control and giving orders; if you are not pleased don’t be afraid to tell him you will leave the device longer.

One thing to consider is the sanitation of the chastity device, especially if it’s worn for a long time. You will have to make sure the penis is cleaned regularly; there is no need to open the device, a little soap and the water that splashes from the shower should be enough. But it is not a good idea to leave the device humid, so you will want to dry the penis with a hair dryer. Having said this and to ensure general hygiene, once a week you will want to take off the device in order to clean it thoroughly. Concerned he’ll touch his penis during the cleaning? Fasten his hands during the process. It goes without saying how awful it is to be released of the chastity device and still not being able to touch himself…Ohh you’re a naughty mistress, but don’t let me tell you any more wicked ideas, he he he.

Before I forget, the man has to empty his prostate gland often. This gland should be emptied to prevent the hypertrophy of the prostate. How often is personal to each man, but to be on the safe side once a week should be enough. If you don’t wish your man to masturbate or don’t want to achieve ejaculation trough sexual intercourse, you can massage the prostate with a prostate massager. This way, the man will empty his liquid trough the urethra without pleasure and without removing the device.

Chastities are a great way to add something new to the relationship; it should be something both parties enjoy and find enriching. Remember that as the one in charge, you have to control him and should have a strong and firm attitude. Lucky, lucky Mistress…

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