January 25, 2016 3 min read

The Simple Truth to Male Orgasm Denial

They often say control is the key to power. Besides, who would disagree? "He who has control has everything" Oh, what a perfect saying…Except for a little detail. Change that "He" for a "She" and we are ready to go! And if we are talking controlling men specifically, can anybody think of something that can be the key to achieving their domination? A little (or sometimes not so little, he he) element that means the world to them? Anyone got any ideas? Because I have something very specific in mind… Ring, ring, ring, ladies and gentleman we have a winner: Male orgasm denial.

To understand the scientific background behind this method and its effectiveness, it is important to understand the chemicals released by the brain during an orgasm. When an orgasm is achieved, the body releases a hormone called endorphins. Basically endorphins that produce the oh I feel so good feeling we all get after a powerful orgasm (let's take a moment to appreciate this things exist, right?); in fact, endorphins are so powerful they are often compared to the same chemical reaction produced by some drugs.

While women can usually have multiple orgasms during one sexual encounter, men are a little different. And here is where orgasm denial is effective. When a man climaxes, the blast from "feel good hormones" generally disappears after 10 seconds. Besides, the dopamine levels (that "I need it now" chemicals) are often lower after an orgasm that they were at first; this, with the combination of prolactin levels rising up for a couple of weeks, means the man will feel more sexually satisfied and with a lower sex drive for a longer period of time. This process is different for women. They have that dopamine rise up in orgasm and it does not crash abruptly, it's a more gradual return to their level because the dopamine levels vary during the month depending on the menstrual cycle.

OK, now the whole scientific boring part is done (ha ha), how does all of this relate to orgasm denial? Well, I have to make a little confession: withholding orgasms from your lovers while you enjoy them daily is actually quite fun! I know, I know, that's the mischievous girl in me doing the talk, but you know is true wink*

Another important aspect of the orgasm denial is that male orgasms are addictive. And this is whole due to that dopamine aspect I explained before. In fact, studies have shown animals that ejaculate constantly mimic the effects of drug addiction. Although much more pleasuring, I have to say wink*

Since we are talking dopamine, remember that crash I mentioned earlier? After climax, men experience a withdrawal because of the low levels of dopamine and high levels of prolactin. Kind of like an orgasm hangover, actually (and we all now the word hangover in any form is not precisely fun!) This means men are likely to look for that adrenaline rush somewhere else, like drinking, in new sex partners, eating in excess or even porn. It fact, is not uncommon for them to feel depressed, tired and/or detached from their partners. When those chemicals are being released without control, a relationship can feel very up and down to the variable changes in the mood; that's why it's important to find some a nice equilibrium.

Furthermore, those pesky chemicals can be the culprit when a man looses interest in the woman after the sexual encounter (so don't blame it sorely on him…yet… -.-) This can also lead to a man pursuing a new woman when in fact, they already have a partner, giving the whole "everything new is shiny" motto a new meaning. Science has associated this so-called "partner fatigue" effect with the low dopamine levels. So if you want to reduce the chances of your partner looking someone else… Control their orgasms? Science says so!

According to some people and like I mentioned before, those dopamine drops and the prolactin rush after the male orgasm can cause the progression of apathy and/or revulsion towards the partners. But don't fret, these same people offer some piece of advice to counteract those negative feelings. And that is with a simple hormone called oxytocin. This hormone can be released by massaging each other, cuddling, hugging or even holding hands; as if you needed another excuse to do all those comforting things, there you have a couple more in order to make you feel great and strengthen your relationship.

After all of this I imagine your hands are itching (in more ways than one wink*) to try some male orgasm denial. Remember all the benefits and discuss them with your partner, chances are you'll both get hooked on it, wink*.

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