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Know Your Gag, Hood and Straight Jacket Safety Rules

No matter what kind of sexual fetish and fantasy you are in, you and your partner as well as everyone else that might be involved in your sex scene should have one main concern: safety! Always keep in mind that any BDSM should be safe, sane and consensual, before anything else and these three aspects shouldn’t be neglected! If you are a couple of BDSM and bondage enthusiasts, you will be interested in trying out sex toys and accessories such as mouth gags, hoods and straight jackets. There are medical gags, bit gags and open mouth gags, all used for different role play and fantasies. And the limits that you are going to establish will be a hundred percent up to you and your lover! You can use medical gags if you are planning to be a nurse or a doctor r you can go for a bit gag if you are into pet and pony play. And you can combine any gag you have with a hood or a straight jacket in order to increase your sexual pleasure even more. If you are a beginner at BDSM play with such sex toys, you might wonder about the sexual safety rules that you have to take into account. So, here are some essential safety rules to consider when you are using a gag, a hood or a straight jacket.

1. Always have a safe word or a safe action in place

Establishing a safe word or a safe action is essential to having a safe sex scene by all means. Such measures are great for those awkward moments when you or your lover are having a moment of discomfort. If you want to change the course of events in order to enjoy your sex scene more, you should be able to use the safe words or the safe action and give your lover a hint of how you are feeling. This is extremely important especially for the submissive partner. They will be exposed to be controlled by their dominant lover and they will have less chances to speak up their opinions. If they are wearing a mouth gag, they might even not have such a chance. On the other hand, if you are in a long term relationship, you might not need a safe word or a safe action because none of you will pus things to any uncomfortable level. So, it all depends not only on the sex scene that you get involved in but also on the type of intimate connection you have with your lover.

2. Make sure that the person wearing the hood can breathe easily

Hoods are extremely sexy in almost any type of sexual encounter as long as both you and your lover are open to make the most out of such a sexual accessory. But you need to make sure that the person wearing the hood is not taking any types of risks. To begin with, they should be able to breathe fine for the entire time. There are hoods that reveal the eyes, the mouth or the entire face and hoods that cover the entire face. On the last type of hoods you need to pay extra attention. Check out to see that the material is easier to breathe through and also make sure that the one who will wear the hood will not be extremely hot with it. These are important safety aspects that should never be neglected when it comes to choosing the best hood and incorporating it into your sex life.

3. Don’t push things or actions that might not offer pleasure to both of you

If you or your lover wear a straight jacket, try not to tie it more than you have to because you can easily affect the circulation and that can have dramatic effects. The person wearing the hood will be the submissive one in the relationship and that is essential for the success of your sex scene. But no matter how exciting things get between you and your lover, never push them beyond the limit that you both agreed on beforehand. This is not only a matter of safety but also a matter of respect that should always be present between you two. While both of you should gain the sexual pleasure you are aiming for, you should never sacrifice any of your health or safety while you are racing for those intense orgasms. In time, you will get to know exactly just what is allowed and what isn’t when it comes to BDSM scenes but always keep an open mind to experience more and discover new sides of your sexuality as you are enjoying some intimate moments with your partner every chance you get!

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