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Each girl has her own fashion sense, so shouldn’t you have your own «vibe sense»? I think so! Here are few tips to help you pick out which vibe will flip your switch most!

Before we get started, I want to talk about the importance of Lubricant. Lube is very important! You wouldn’t buy a hot sports car and put bad wheels on it would you? Having a vibe and using it without lube is pretty much the same thing. It might get you there but it won’t get you there in style. Why only use half of the capability of the vibe? Enjoy it to the fullest! Make sure you get a good quality lube. There really is a difference. Many of the more expensive lubes like the Eros brand I carry are far superior to less costly formulas. Some lubricants are specifically made for certain types of play for maximum stimulation. For example, you might choose a silicone lubricant for your waterproof toys since it won’t wash off easily without soap. Water based lubes are great because they clean up easily and gels (thicker lubricants) make sure the lubrication stays where you put it instead of dripping off onto the sheets. Anal lubricants typically have a desensitizing formula that help you enjoy your anal experience more by relaxing the rectum properly. The right lube makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!
Some of our most popular lubes are: 5129P Playgirl Signature Personal Lubricant, 5100P Moist Gel Lubricant, 3113E Moist Silicone Spray Lubricant and my 1159E Eros Woman Liquid Water Formula.

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Electric Vibrators (the kind that plug into the wall): They last longer than the battery powered ones and can pack a great punch! They are generally larger, can cover more area and are usually the most powerful vibrators available. This is not for the meek or the first time vibrator user! *g* Experience is necessary when it comes to having fun with one of these bad boys! But what an experience it is!

Some of our most popular electric vibes are: 5332P Wanachi Cordless Rechargeable Wand (shown in just about every porn video there is, and for good reason!) and my 3370E Waterproof Rechargeable Infra Red Massager. These are re-chargeables, so you can use them with or without the cord and you’re not tied into a wall outlet…not that being tied in is a bad thing! *g*

Battery Powered Vibrators: They offer more freedom to get into that right position for you for masturbation but do not pack quite the punch that electric vibes do. A good rule of thumb for the power of a vibe is looking at how many batteries they require. If a vibe takes only one small battery it’s going to pack less punch than a vibe that takes two or three bigger batteries. They come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors! Experiment and find out what works best for you!

Some of our most popular Battery Powered Vibes are: 2353E My First Vibe, 332E Venus Butterfly Massager (a hands-free model!), 4313P Inflatable G-Spot Vibe and my 2362E 7" Dong with Balls (also avail. as a non-vibrating dildo and in a 6" and 8" size!).

Jelly Vibrators: These are most popular for insertion because they are soft and most comfortable. Great if you climax through penetration. They vary in size, shape and color. Experimenting and finding out what is right for you is the best part! For a double punch — use one vibrator on your clit while you use a jelly vibe for penetration. No need to thank me, just send me some licorice and flowers! You will love it!

Some of our most popular jelly vibes are: 5335P 7th Heaven Platinum G-Spot Jelly Vibe, 4321P Purple Jelly Power Vibe and my 5383P Turbo Jelly Wabbit

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Waterproof Vibrators: That’s right! Vibrators aren’t just for breakfast anymore! You can use them in your shower, bathtub, whirlpool, or anywhere you are feeling naughty! Remember to only use vibrators that are specifically marked «waterproof» under water. If you don’t, you run the risk of ruining your favorite vibe! Play smart and play safe!

Some of our most popular Waterproof Vibes are: 350E Tidal Wave Waterproof Ribbed Vibe, 2366E Waterproof Jelly Glow in the Dark Vibrator, 5304L Waterproof Bushy Tailed Teaser, 3370E Waterproof Rechargeable Infra Red Massager, 5371P Waterproof Latex Lover Vibe. You can find more waterproof items by using the keyword «waterproof» in my search engine.

Clitoral Vibrators: These are made to go directly over the clit and stimulate the entire clitoral region. They are wonderful! I suggest using them in conjunction with a jelly vibe. Most woman can have very strong orgasms with the clitoral vibes and some women can only climax with direct clitoral stimulation. If you’ve had trouble reaching orgasm or think you can’t at all, try one of these.

Some of our most popular Clitoral Vibes are: 4330P Vibrating Clit Super Suck-Her, 333N Mini Mite Massager, 357A Pussy Pleaser. There are also cock rings designed to tickle and tease the clitoris with vibrating nubs in my «Vibrators For Him» category that includes my most popular 3361E Clit Flicker with Wireless Stimulator.

Anal Vibrators: Make sure that any toy you use for anal insertion has flared base so it doesn’t slip away on you. You don’t want to make an embarrassing (literally!) trip to the emergency room! Always make sure to use a good lube such as some those made specifically for anal use with desensitizing properties for easier insertion such as my 3150P Moist Anal Lube, 5104P Seymore Butts Tushy Tamer Cream, 1123E Cal Exotic Anal Lube.

Some of our most popular Anal Vibes are: 366N Stealth Vibrating Butt Plug, 1399E Crystal’s Vibrating Jelly-B, 4391P Mini Waterproof Butt Plug, 4303P Jelly First Timer Anal Vibe.

Also if you are just getting into anal play there are some great books out there to make sure you are having the most fun! Check out: 1184E The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, Anal Pleasure & Health.

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Multi-Function (often «Rabbit») Vibrators: Last year for Valentine’s day I gave all the girls in the office a Rabbit Vibrator. Within the next week, I got rave reviews on them from our staff ranging from 19–50+ years of age. Everybody loved the rabbit. The rabbits are one of my favorite and every girl needs a rabbit! They are great for penetration and stimulate the clitoral region at the same time! Those beads and the squirming shaft can send you over the edge within minutes!

Some of our most popular rabbits are: 4370P Rainbow Rabbit, 5329P Next Generation Rabbit Pearl, 5335P 7th Heaven Platinum G-Spot Jelly Vibe and my 5304L Waterproof Bushy Tailed Teaser.

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Cleaning your Toys: Keep all of your toys clean and disinfected to avoid irritation of the sensitive skin they’ll be coming in contact with. Plain soap and water will clean your toys but it won’t disinfect them. Keep your toys clean all of the time! It not only makes your toys last longer, it takes away the risk of an infection. Some of our most popular Toy Cleaners are: 3152P Legend Sex Toy Cleaner, 5130P Playgirl Signature Toy Cleaner and my 1362E Before & After Toy Cleaner.

More Info: What are the Best Ways to Clean & Care for My Items:

It’s always a good idea to clean any item you receive before using it. You can use just plain soap and water on a washcloth or any of the convenient cleaners like my 3152P Legend Sex Toy Cleaner, 5130P Playgirl Signature Toy Cleaner and my 1362E Before & After Toy Cleaner. A toy cleaner is great idea because they disinfect and clean at the same time, while being formulated especially for the materials sex toys are made of. (Especially good for if you have your period.)

Remember to never directly rinse off your toys or soak them in the sink if they are battery operated because it can shorten of the life of your toy. After each use, I recommend cleaning your items properly and thoroughly. This is especially important if you have vaginitis or any other medical problems because you can re-infect yourself by using your item again without cleaning it. Before use, always check the manufacturer’s information included with your item. They will often have information on not only how to clean your item but how to make it last longer.

If you are having multiple sexual partners, a great idea is to use a condom over your item. This will keep you and your toys safe from unwanted STD’s or germs. Always store your toys in a cool and dry location. Direct sunlight, excessive moisture and high tempertures can dramatically decrease the lifespan of sex toys also. It’s always a good idea to take batteries out of your toys when not in use, to keep them from accidentally being turned on or just keep the batteries from expiring prematurely or leaking. We all know sex toys aren’t much fun if they don’t work right, so if you put the extra effort into keeping yours clean and you will enjoy years of extra orgams from them!

In addition, I have lots of specific information in the description of all my products, so be sure to click on the ones that look good to you and read a little about it, take a look at the larger photo and compare to find the best one (or two or three!) to suit you.

So now, are you ready to shop for *your* vibrator? C’mon, I’ll show you around!

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