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Practical Advice on Finding Your Femdom Match

If you are a man who has recently discovered they are more inclined to be submissive, you may find yourself a bit lost. Finding a partner is hard enough in vanilla life and dating! How about when you add the BDSM layer to it? Well dear friend it is hard finding a partner. Period. But there are some pieces of advice that can help you in your quest for a female dominant.

My first piece of advice would be trying to find a BDSM group in your local community. This is a great opportunity to meet new people with plenty of tastes and a variety of styles and kinks. When you meet new people you are basically networking so you have more chances of finding a female dominant interested in a male submissive. Besides, you can tend to find plenty of professional dominatrix’s in local BDSM communities.

The most important thing when looking a dominant is to approach them sensitively and respectfully. You don’t want to suddenly come to a woman you just met and say “I want you to put me in chastity and torture me” or something more or less kinky. Just because you are in a community and around people who enjoy kinkier things, it doesn’t mean manners have to fly out the window. Rude approaches are not welcomed in vanilla life nor BDSM life, wink*.

The other thing you need to keep in mind is to know what exactly you are looking for. This means you should be very clear on what kind of activities you are interested in. While most men are looking for sexual activities, there are some who actually prefer non-sexual activities like cleaning the house or attending to any tasks and errands their female dom wants. The important thing is for you to know what you want and have clear the things that interest you so you can discuss it with potential female dominants.

Finding the right dominant for you can take some time, but it’s worth holding out till you find the one that’s perfect for you. Don’t give up because it can take a while; at the end is perfectly worth it. Come back and report when you have finally found it wink*.

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