April 14, 2017 2 min read

How to Find the Right Master for You

Finding a partner is always a challenge. I mean is there something harder that finding someone that matches and complements us? Our personalities, tastes, distastes, interests, etc.? That is why we spend plenty of time looking for that someone that matches ourselves perfectly. Or as close to perfect as can be, being a bit more realistic wink*.

If finding a partner is hard, when you add BDSM into the mix, things can get even a bit more complicated. Finding a dominant can be a bit of challenge, but I promise you can find one perfect for you! You may have to look a little bit, but at the end is completely worth it.

So, what should you be looking for in a dominant? Well, it will obviously depend on your particular interests and dislikes so you should focus on those things you want and narrow down from there. You may enjoy very hard and mysterious dominants for instance, or you may prefer someone who is a bit more open and light. Just as well, you may like rougher dominants or you can prefer dominants that are a bit softer. Do you want a dominant that cracks jokes or someone who is serious?

Besides of your particular tastes, you want to look for someone whom you can trust and confide in. Honesty is something every relationship needs, no matter what relationship we’re talking about. Your dominant should be someone who is looking to explore your interests and is interested in combining them with theirs to bring to life amazing fantasies.

The idea in all relationships is to have fun, enjoy and explore things together. Every dominant is different because every person is different! Just because someone is a dominant doesn’t mean is your ideal dominant. That is why is so important to really get to know them; you will find someone who is just right for you. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions, inquire and solve all your doubts; a dominant should be able to respond properly and explain everything. And I mean, everything. When you’re comfortable and ready, it can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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