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Femdom Resources: How to Gain Your Feminine Power in Domination

From the object to the subject, take back your sexual independence!

I don't think I need to tell you about the benefits of male chastity because you already know them. Maybe you are even well acquainted with it? Wink* If you want a reminder, I can number a few: voluntary doing of domestic chores, obedience, better production, total devotion, rainbows and unicorns (ok, I exaggerated with the last one, hehe) but research has shown that even with 2 days of abstinence you can see the changes in a man.

What's more, if you are looking to start training your man, male chastity is the first step. Scientific study has led to conclude that a minimum of 7 till 12 days are necessary for the testes to become full of sperm, for the testosterone levels achieve their peak and for the courtship phase to kick in. Those are a few of the reasons why its on the women's best interest that men get to extend their period of arousal for the longest time they can. But you know something that often gets overlooked? If you have done male training before, you will probably imagine where this is going… While the man is not allowed to come, well, us women are not forbidden anything…So…we have to look for our sexual satisfaction somewhere else, obviously wink*

When a man gets to the willful participation phase, a couple undergoing training will probably start experiencing a time necessary to adjust. Relationships, like any other organism, evolve through time (quite the philosopher, this one wink*) and this is not an exception. With the help of the little cocktail of hormones the man is receiving, sponsored by: abstinence and the training itself, some changes can start to get noticed. He will probably be less possessive, for the best interests of the relationship, with the ultimate goal of gaining approval from his woman. But keep in mind this will only get achieved if the man's regime is completed, so don't be tempted to interrupt it halfway to have sexual intercourse with your partner. Obviously many women get excited about this little change and start to see this step towards sexual liberation as another profit of male chastity. Yes, you read that right: if a woman chooses to do so, she can have a perfectly complaisant man at home, while taking on as many sexual partners and lovers as she likes. Ohh it's a whole new world…

But like the saying goes, good things take time. And male chastity is not an exception. The good news is you don't have to totally give up sexual intercourse with your partner while you are training him. Desexualization is a method often employed in these cases. This method requires for one to engage in intercourse with a man to get sexual satisfaction while at the same time denying him the possibility of an orgasm. It goes without saying this can be extremely helpful when you want to satisfy a certain itch that can't be scratched without compromising your guy's training.

The effects of Desexualization are plenty. For one, the man understands he is the object of sex and not the subject (a part of Identity Reframing, by the way), and this understanding leads to a change in his self-image, from predatory to submissive. His sexuality now focuses on giving pleasure instead of receiving it. This new alteration makes him aware he can not "own" a woman's body and, when he dissociates completely intercourse with arousal, sexual stimulation can be more effectively directed towards devotion to you and looking to please you through hard work. All of those modifications allow a man to let go of any feelings of possessiveness and lead to an understanding and acceptance of your sexual freedom.

You can achieve Desexualization through two methods. The first one includes using a strap on dildo. The man will continue to be locked in his chastity device, but the sexual tension will be enough to get his obedience and pleasure free (at least for him!) penetrative sex. The other method entails engaging in normal sexual penetration, but still refusing him of sexual gratification. This method has the advantage of being "the real deal", if you know what I mean (specially if your other partners are unavailable) but the downside is that it obviously requires a lot of effort and self control on your guy's part. So choose very carefully and get to fully enjoy your sexual liberation. You've earned it wink*

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