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Key Traits of a Submissive in BDSM Relationships

You may believe the submissive person in a relationship doesn’t have to do anything besides what the Master instructs. And yes, that is true, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have other obligations. Remember, just like any other relationship, this is a two way street; and there are several things a submissive can do to improve the relationship and to make sure it sails smoothly (hello sailor wink*)

Honesty and communication must be two non-negotiable things. The submissive always has to be very clear about their emotions and feelings, as well as their needs, so the Dominant can attend to all those aspects. On the other hand, the Dominant has to be honest with their submissive so they can know how to improve. And those things can only be achieved through constant communication, whether it’s weekly reunions or written letters, whatever you two agree upon. The important is to have clear lines of communication between you two; just be respectful and open about your partner’s reflections.

The submissive will also need to be patient with their Master, just as their Master is patient with them. Keep in mind, in the end we are all humans and we all make mistakes, and even if we sometimes believe the Master is out of this world, that is not the case wink*. Just as well, they also need to learn what the Dominant expects from them; this means the Master shouldn’t repeat what they should do a million times because the submissive has their responsibilities clear. They should be responsible for their actions; otherwise, they may feel better in some sort of pet play relationship or one where they can just enjoy the moment.

A submissive must also have a realistic mindset. While your fantasy may be to be controlled 24/7, real life is a bit different. You may have jobs, family, a house to take care of, etc. When attention is needed, the Dominant will get into action, but sometimes, some things may come in first so that 24/7 thing can rarely be achieved completely. Just as the Dominant is sympathetic and understanding with the submissive, the submissive must also understand sometimes the Master can be overwhelmed or stressed and they shouldn’t participate in play when they are not in the right mindset. As long as both partners are understanding, everything will be fine.

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