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Femdom Resources: Take Control of Your Man

I have talked about controlling a man before, have I? It is one of my favorite subjects and one that is very useful. One of the good things is you can train your partner in very few simple steps; once you start noticing good changes in their behavior you'll wonder why you waited so long to try it. And even better, the changes you will see in yourself will probably having you selling the idea on all the women you know, *wink.

Men usually love a woman who is in charge. From his mother to their school teacher crush, men have been programmed to take orders from women (especially if they come with high heels)Sadly, like all rebellious teenagers, they turn their back on the norm. By the time he is an adult, he's not so keen on the sexual authority in the form of a woman. But do not fret; because everything is under that surface, those initial feelings are right there, waiting to be woken up again. And with a little effort you can train him to be sexually submissive.

If you are ready to embark on this journey, remember to begin by informing him of your desire. Notice I said inform, not asking permission (good start, wink*)and speak with authority. Also inform him that if he follows your commands there will possibly be a reward at the end.

As for your outfit, you will want to wear something that makes you comfortable and makes you feel great. Your outfit is not there to turn him on; it is there to command his sexual attention to turn back to you. Remember to use this to your advantage, given the fact most men are extremely visual beings and this correlates with their sexual impulses (fair play anyone? Haha, wink*)As this little play advances, his abilities to form coherent thoughts and making decisions will diminish considerably, creating an obedient man who obeys your commands.

As this sessions advance, remind him his eyes should be locked on your feet. He will also be forbidden to talk unless he is given permission to do so. Keep in mind the conversation you make will be mostly based on "yes" or "no" questions. By the way, I like to remind my male submissives they have to refer to me with a "Yes, maam" or "No, maam", but some women prefer the term Mistress or Goddess (but basically you can make it whatever you want, so go nuts wink*) If he wishes to ask you a question he must ask for permission first and you may grant permission or you could deny it. Remember this is not a conversation and he should not become chatty. In short, he must obey all your commands without asking any questions; if he must ask something he will have to ask for permission beforehand and should only refer to you with the term it was previously established.

Now is a good time to go over the 'Position One'. This would be him, on his knees, butt on his heels, forearms parallel to the floor with his hands flat on the floor at either side of your left foot; his elbows should be a few inches in front of his knees. Then, leaning forward, he should touch the toes of your left foot with his forehead. Remember this is not for him to rest his head on you;he should only be grazing you. This is usually done at the beginning of each session; you come(you sure be doing that later wink*) into the room, with authority and command the Position One from him. He will have to hold this position until you tell him otherwise, put it should always begin like this.

When he does something good and follows orders appropriately, you should encourage him with a little doses of my favorite technique: positive reinforcement. Don't be afraid of telling him he was a "good boy"; he will eventually come to crave this mentions of you being pleased with something he has done. Thing is, this goes both ways, so if he messes up, you will also have to tell him. Lets say he has not assumed the right position or he hesitated at one of your commands: you will have to tell him exactly what he did wrong, express your annoyance (either by the tone of your voice or literally so)and a stroke of the cane, crop or hand (whatever you are using)in the back on his thighs or his butt. Keep in mind this should be done immediately after the incident, should be meaningful and you should be consistent and unrelenting in your commands.

I would say a correlation of 80% positive reinforcement with a 20% of negative should be good in an hour session. Just be patient and reward him when he behaves appropriately: he can give you a foot rub or give you some oral sex afterwards. The rewards are up to you, mistress.

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