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The Joys of Being a BDSM Mistress

Every female on the planet gets a bossy, power kick once in a while. Don't believe me? Wait until your husband or live-in boyfriend is on the couch watching television and there's garbage to be carried out. You will find yourself mid-power trip in about five minutes.

Mistresses are an exaggerated, and much kinkier, version of that. They take those power trips to an all new level. And they enjoy every single minute of it. But why? What is it about being a Mistress that these women find so appealing? Why do they want to dress in latex and erotically dominate their men into full and complete total sexual submission?

Well let's first clear up some things. While there are Mistresses like that, not all of them are identical. Being a Mistress or a Dominatrix encompasses a lot of different things. It can be as mild or as serious as you would like. The goal is to find something that you are comfortable with, a partner that agrees and then build upon it. Set rules, boundaries and limits. Always talk about everything first, including your erotic desires, stop points and the all important Safe Word. Be fully open and honest with each other. Set aside the fear and let in the possibility of the highest and most exciting bondage playtime of your life! Go for it. Enjoy it!. But now that we've established this..

Why Women Enjoy Wielding the Whip and Dominating

    • Control: For some women it is all about the power and control that comes from being the Dominatrix. Perhaps they have work careers which tend to have them be in a more submissive role in their daily lives. By allowing them the fantasy of being the Dominatrix in control is exactly what entices them. The power and control over their slave makes the sexual experience more appealing for them; because they are getting what they lack in the everyday world. Power. It's not much different than men that choose the life of a master. They just look cuter doing it. (it must be the shoes….or maybe the cute latex dress…)
    • Respect: This is a big one for any sexual Dominant whether they are, male or female. When you are in BDSM, role play, bondage, discipline and all that goes along with it; you earn a level of respect as a Mistress or Dominatrix that you may not normally have in your every day life. The dominatrix in the relationship is in charge of the sexual aspects and erotic bondage play. When it comes to sex, they are in charge of all of it actually. In the role of the Mistress, she commands the very type of respect that she desires. In a world where women can be viewed as being inferior, having the power to choose your level of respect and receive it is an enormous erotic turn on for many women. Mistresses enjoy that. Of course, who doesn't?
    • Being submitted to: Let's just face it. Having a man that will bow to your every need and desire? It's the ultimate fantasy of nearly every female on the planet. Some just take it a little further. For a mistress the thrill and fantasy is in the fact that the man submits to them. Fulfilling their every want, need and sexual desire.
    • Fun: the reality is, sex role play is fun. Bondage is fun. Discipline is fun. A mistress just happens to enjoy being on the giving side of the fun and not the receiving. It all equals up to a lot of fun but also some pretty serious and highly intensely erotic play. Which in the end is the main goal anyways.
  • If you are curious about being a Mistress because you may be interested, there is no better way to know than to experience it. Find a submissive male or female, (all depending upon your liking or if you are feeling especially daring why not both) decide how far you want to go and give it a go. You may just discover that it is your ultimate sexual fantasy turned into real life.

If your curiosity is to understand better, remember that Mistresses and Masters are not far removed. If you can understand why a man would want a submissive woman bound and gagged and doing as he wishes, then you are pretty close to understanding why women would want the same thing. Allow yourself the freedom of sexual expression and for your desires to come forward to create new and exciting erotic possibilities.

Feel how this new and exciting sexual power can carry over into other areas of your life. Speak up for yourself for now you have the sexual control not only over yourself but for your bondage slave as well. Your lover has trusted you enough to put his or her complete trust, safety and desire in your hands. It's not something to be taken lightly. And sometimes it requires a whip. Or perhaps even a paddle.

Thank goodness you are just the girl to do the job.

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