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3 Exciting Sex Positions to Try

Your sexual encounters will be more exciting when you add variety to them. So, you should keep an open mind and try out new sex toys and accessories as well as new sexual positions to help keep the element of surprise in your sex life. Chances are your partner will be more than happy to join you in these sexual adventures. Maybe even give you new ideas to spice up your sex life together. If you fall into a sexual routine then your relationship could suffer at many levels. You will lose intimacy and may even have doubts about each other. Over time you could end up becoming distant from one another. Have a better sex life means investing some work and research into it. Because the truth of the matter is, your relationship will not remain as passionate as it used to be in the beginning. But couples who make an effort in their sex lives have longer and happier relationships. Here are three sex positions to try with your lover to make your sexual encounters more exciting.

1. The Cat

The Cat is the next level of the classic missionary position most of you are familiar with. Start this position in missionary and, if you are on the bottom, move your body over to one side while your partner shifts their body higher. This will help you have back and forth friction instead of up and down. You can get into this position spontaneously by lifting your partner up and then pushing them to one side. You can even try both sides to see which side you and your partner prefer. This position is great for the woman because it increases the stimulation to the clitoris and makes her considerably more excited. Several researches showed women who struggle with climaxing during the missionary position enjoy the cat more and would orgasm faster. You can get as creative as you want during this kind of sexual encounter by adding some exciting toys to your sexual game, such as anal plugs, nipple clamps or a furry tail and other pet and pony accessories.

2. The Chair

When you are excited and ready to experience some hot and easy sex position, be sure to try “The Chair.” All you have to do is stand against the walls and bend your legs until they reach almost a 90 degree right angle. Keep your legs close together so your partner can straddle you. Your main focus with this position is keeping your balance. It’s a bit of a challenge to do, so when you feel your legs beginning to tire out you can move up the wall a little higher to get to a more comfortable position. Nonetheless, the good news about this position is your hands will be free to play with her breasts and caress her back in a very erotic way. If your partner is struggling when it comes to touching the floor, be creative and change the chair position into a new one by having her put one foot on the ground. Doing so will make it easier because you will have less weight to support. Be warned, this could end up being your personal favourite!

3. The Twist and Shout

This position is a blessing for every man because it requires almost no physical effort on your part. All you have to do is lie on your back and spread your legs apart from each other, while one of them is bent. She will get on top of you and have control of your penis, moving up and down to create just the right amount of friction. Don’t forget to play with her breasts if you want to keep her as excited as possible. No wonder, the ‘Twist and Shout’ is one of the most popular positions for couples around the world.

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