May 25, 2017 3 min read

My First Time as a Dungeon Monitor

A dungeon monitor is simply someone who makes sure the rules are being followed during a play scene or a party. Their job also entails creating a safe environment overall for everyone involved; and of course they should also make sure the players and attendees are having a good time…basically, kind of like chaperone wink*.

If you are getting ready to be a dungeon monitor for the first time, there are some things you want to keep in mind. One of the most important thing and main thingwhen it comes to being a dungeon monitor is to familiarize with the party and the house rules. Yes, I am aware this is obvious. But remember your main job is to make sure those rules are being followed, so you need to really know them as well as the palm of your hands; this way you can know if something is out of place. So before you start having any fun, go over all the party rules and the house rules.

When you are on duty, you are on duty and that is it. This means it’s a job and you should behave as such. It doesn’t mean you have to act all circumspect on a military level, but try to keep a level of professionalism. You shouldn’t get distracted because you need to keep an eye on things; so don’t be a social butterfly or play around for long periods of time.

Just as well, you need to be prepared. And for you to be prepared, you will need to have the right equipment and the correct training as well. Make sure to wear something that symbolizes your role as a dungeon monitor; just as doctors are identified on war zones, for instance. This way, things can go a lot smoother and everyone will recognize your role in the party easily.

You should also carry some basic items, like latex proof gloves and medical scissors, to be used in case of any emergency. If you want to be thorough, you can also add a flashlight, besides any other objects you consider important.

As for the training, you should never act as a dungeon monitor if you haven’t taken the right courses. This means having a basic CPR training and first aid training too. What’s more, to be on the safe side you should re take these courses once a year. Remember security is the main concern here and your main role when it comes to play.

Once the play or party is done, you should definitely have a kind of debriefing with the hosts and other participants. This will be helpful because you can sit and talk; discussing the things that worked out and what things didn’t it’s important to enrich play and people themselves.

You can have this discussion either immediately afterwards everything is done, or you can have it a few days after the party. Remember to talk about any specific problems that the party had, either something related with a scene or something related with someone in particular. This feedback will be important; don’t ever overestimate the power of some good feedback!

Keep in mind BDSM, and BDSM roles as well, are processes that are constantly evolving and everyone can have something to learn from every experience. Just keep an open channel of communication and be respectful so each and every person involved can make the most out this debriefing or meeting. Good work, solder wink*

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