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The Beginner’s Guide To Having Sex In Public

Getting caught is one of the most popular and intense sexual fetish and fantasy you can experience in many ways! The sex scene based on such a fetish is not strict at all. You can masturbate or have intercourse with your partner in a forbidden place to experience the feeling of someone else running into you. There are no limits to what you can do and how much are you willing to risk for such an intense experience! It is important to keep the entire sexual encounter as realistic as possible if you want to achieve the exciting sexual pleasure and satisfaction you are aiming for! If you are a beginner at this, you might find the following tips and tricks useful so you can enjoy the feeling of getting caught while having sex! So, let’s see how we can make the most out of it!

1. Try public sex

Public sex can be extremely exciting. If you add to it the idea of getting caught then it can easily become an addictive fetish and fantasy for both of you! Make sure to dress appropriately so it will be easier for you to have a quickie in a public place. Skirts and dresses are great for such sexual encounters. Plus, remember high heel shoes can make all the difference. When it comes to toys, you can keep it pretty simple. Some nipple clamps and maybe a dildo should do the trick since most of your sexual thrill will come from the feeling of getting caught and not only from the sexual stimulation! Dirty talk is a great idea when it comes to such sexual encounters as well. Some naughty words will turn you on a lot more than you expect it!

2. Give yourself some naughty pleasure at your office

Masturbating at work is definitely hot. If you have never tried it, well, you are missing out big time! Just bring your favourite sexual arsenal with you and enjoy your lunch break in a different way! If you enjoy the feeling of getting caught then you should forget about locking your office door and simply take a risk of having one of your co-workers walk in on you in the middle of your orgasm. Hopefully it doesn’t happen. Even so, it can still be pretty hot to feel like it might happen at any time. Such a feeling will make your sexual moment a lot more interesting!

3. Risking getting caught by your family

Sex and family events don’t seem to go hand in hand for most people! But maybe they should. If for no other reason than the simple fact of not to getting caught while you are at it. Take your partner in a separate room or in the bathroom and have yourself an intense quickie! You can even add some sexual stimulation underneath the table if the circumstances are right for you to do so. You can also use some sex toys to spice things up even more or have some sort of a quick role play to turn on both of you! Be creative and use your imagination to discover new ways of enjoying some sexual action at a family event. But let’s hope no one actually catches you!

The feeling of getting caught is great for couples who like a lot of adrenaline and action during their sexual intercourses. It is also good for couples who are into BDSM fetishes. Even if you think this might not be for you, still give it a fair try. You may change your mind and discover a different side of your sexuality! Chances are it will improve your sexual encounters and support you in building a stronger relationship with your lover. Indeed, it is exciting and can make the two of you feel like partners.

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