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How To Choose The Best Collar Styles

Once you know what type of collar you want to introduce to your life, it is time to know what kind of collar you want to give to your partner. There are plenty of styles out there depending on what you (or your partner, more specifically!) likes or prefers. Most of the different styles out there have several rings for you to attach whatever you want, like restraints or a leash. So let’s take a look at the different styles of collars available on the market.

The locking slave collar is a collar that locks with a padlock or pins; these locks can either be at the front or at the back. The main thing about them is they lock, but there are different styles and designs so you can find them in several materials and colors. The main idea behind this is for the dominant partner to carry the lock so the submissive cannot take the collar off; as you can see, having the key is important so if you want to get one of these, be careful about hiding the key.

Another cool collar style is the message collar. These types of collars are super fun because they carry several messages or phrases that you are likely to love. Usually they come in several symbolic messages like ‘pet’ or ‘slave’ for instance; the most popular models are made out of leather and have a message attached to them with rhinestones or sewn into the material. If you want to gift your partner with a super special collar, some stores even offer the added benefit of creating a personalized message, which makes for a very distinctive look.

On the other hand, the wolf collar has a rocking look. They are the typical black leather collar with spikes around it; they don’t only look awesome but they can also offer you some sharp (ha ha, get it? Because there are spikes on it… Sorry, had to do it wink*) pain.

The plate slave collar is typically worn for men in the BDSM community, but sometimes women use it too. It is called a plate collar because the throat part looks like a plate and it is meant to protect the wearer. Another thing I should mention is that plate collar wearers traditionally don’t have an owner.

If what you want is to keep your partner close, then you need to get a collar with a leash. This is the best way to keep your submissive on a tight leash, literally. Although you can use them in pet play perfectly well, they are also commonly used in training because the leash makes up for a great way to train them or stop them when they need a good pull of the leash.

The Gorean slave collar on the other hand is great for those who want to show a great level of commitment: 24 hours a day for 7 days a week, actually. These collars consist of a thin metal ring with a lock that can only be removed with the key the dominant has. They are very restrictive, so you probably need to think twice before you commit!

The posture collar is kind of like a corset for the neck because it makes the submissive stand completely straight without bending the neck and needless to say, it restricts completely any neck movements. These collars are quite restrictive, so they are probably not the best choice for beginners.

Similarly, the slave collar with nose hooks consist of a collar with hooks that go on the nose; so they completely restrict the neck and the head. There are also collars with clamps that connect to the nipples. This means you shouldn’t jump straight into using any of these collars, but instead, you should at least have a bit more experience before using them.

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