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Sex accessories you should try asap

Within the BDSM community, bondage is one of the most common practices you can use to discipline your slave. But it can also be a kinky part of many other BDSM scenes. The market offers many toys and accessories to perform a good bondage session. You can use the classic rope or add other accessories to make your sexual encounter even more exciting! Incorporating suspension bondage into a hot edge play scene could give you an unforgettable BDSM experience! Here are popular accessories you should consider using to make a great and intense bondage scene.

1. Gags

Gags can add such a kinky flavor to your sexual encounters. Once you try them, you may never want to do it again without them. You can choose a ball gag, a bit gag or even a penis gag as well as many other gag styles to stimulate yourself and your partner perfectly to an intense sexual satisfaction. They don’t restrain your slave’s body like how a rope does, but gags go great with restraint systems. Best of all, it completes the kinky image you want to enjoy as a dominant. Combined with the right bondage style, these gags prevent your slave from talking. So, you will enjoy are their sexy moans while stimulating their body not to mention they look so helpless under your control!

2. Blindfolds

Blindfolds can successfully be combined with gags to complete an exciting bondage scene to turn you on right away! If your partner is unable to see what it is coming to them, their reactions will be more intense and exciting surprise to your personal satisfaction. Plus, you have the freedom to stimulate them just the way you want by using any sexual means even orgasm control. Likewise, don’t be afraid to use blindfolds during your sexual intercourse since this can make your orgasm stronger and your partner will not be able to conceal their ecstatic reactions.

3. Cuffs

Cuffs serve a practical purpose of locking your slave’s hands or legs. Moreover, they successfully complete any bondage style scene besides the physical excitement it brings to the table. You can also use the cuffs as a simple decor to the bondage scene. But it would be a shame considering all the functions they can perform! Handcuffs are great for a roleplay “Interrogation scene” and you can be sure to obtain everything you want out of your slave while they have no control over their body. For extra visual satisfaction, cuffs can be picked to match your slave’s outfit or the other bondage toys and accessories you plan to use. Depending on the bondage style you want to use, choose them in the same color as the rope or the tape or even the body harness, and your slave will look sexier while wearing them! You can find cuffs made of leather or leatherette, if you are a vegan. The wide range of colors they come in also means there is no need for you to have just one pair when you can have one for each BDSM scene you plan to perform!

When it comes to a good bondage scene, you have to use all your weapons to make it a success. Use your imagination and creativity to spice things up while you are in charge of your slave’s sexuality and retrain them on accessing their own body! Rest assured all your efforts will be worth it in the end.

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