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Best Positions to Enjoy a Spanking

Spanking can be extremely fun, when done properly. The good news is a lot of it exists for everyone. Spanks are so arousing because they increase blood flow to the area, thereby increasing sensitivity and creating a rush of endorphins, the happy hormones. Not to mention, they are great as a form of punishment for those who need a little bit of correction… wink*

You can try it with plenty of positions, but you need to know what you are doing. To begin with, you need to know if the person you are spanking is comfortable and relaxed, otherwise it will not work.

If you want your partner to be as comfortable as possible when you are spanking them, you can make them lie down on the bed or couch. Just make them recline face down on the mattress while you stand and spank him or her. In this position you can add some pillows underneath the hips to make the position even more comfortable and pleasurable. This is definitely the best position if you are starting out with the spanking experience.

The most common spanking positions are the classic over the knee spank and the lying down on the bed spank. These are great for short and hard spanks. However, if you plan to hit a place other than the ass cheeks, making your partner stand may be the best choice.

Let’s dive deeper into the classic over the knee spanking (OTK, for those well versed in the subject). In this position, you simply place the person you want to spank directly over your knee while laying on their side. You can also immobilize one their arms or legs if you want to add something extra.

Another classic position is the one wherein the person to spank bends over. What is good about this is the buttocks and the area on the upper thighs are stretched. Thus it will create a very intense sensation for the person being spanked. While it may take some more practice with this position, grabbing the ankles is a must for the best possible experience you can imagine.

If you like the idea of being restrained (or restraining your partner) you can always add this to the mix. This is also very helpful if the person cannot stand still as it could be very dangerous. If they move too much then you might end up hitting something you didn’t intend to and hurt your partner. Basically, you can restrain someone to any piece of furniture, like the bed, the couch or a chair. You can also tie their arms together or their legs. If you want to get creative, by all means get creative.

Standing up is also a great position to receive a spanking. It is usually less painful this way. But the downside is you are less relaxed. If you want to try this position, make sure you are holding onto something, because standing up can really affect how accurate the hits you receive are and this is one of the most important things in spanking.

Nonetheless, you can always be a bit more adventurous and try some doggy style spanking. Yes, it is as sexy as it sounds wink*. This is a great position to put the beautiful ass you love so much on display. You should know this is a great spot to be in if you are also into humiliation play. In this position the muscles on the butt are stretched out, thus making the experience a whole lot more powerful.

Now here are a few tips before you start spanking. Be sure to warm up the area with a light massage and to squeeze it to get the blood flowing. Remember to warm up your hands by rubbing them. Afterward, lightly spank the butt while you combine it with some genital play to prepare your partner for what is to come.

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