1420LB Open Mouth Spandex Submissive Hood

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While it's a delight to see what your daddy/mistress has in store for you, a little mystery can make the teasing more pleasurable!

The Open Mouth Spandex Submissive Hood is a perfect BDSM accessory to keep the treat a secret and just let your body feel all the sensations it has to offer. A hood is a better choice than a blindfold if you're "looking" to have greater restriction. 

The lightweight and stretchy fabric of this spandex hood though is perfect for beginners. It's easy to wear and remove but I doubt you'll be wanting this off your head anytime soon, right? *wink*

Some additional bondage gear is needed if you want to really have your breath taken away. The open mouth hole is perfect to add a gag or even a dildo ;) That or you may want to do some oral service for your master?

If you want to keep your mouth open, then feel free to moan!

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Strictness Rating:   2.0

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