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8750HS Absolutely Fucked Armbinder Straitjacket Set - MEGA Deal

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Limited to one per customer.

Leave it to us to come up with this deviously delicious, fucking fantastic armbinder set. Pervy enough to get a rise out of the kinkiest fetish Master, this armbinder set will have you Completely Fucked....and loving every single second of it!

The bag style armbinder strictly subdues your slave's struggles, to leave them completely helpless and deliciously vulnerable to whatever your deviant mind comes up with. This style of armbinder holds their arms in a wrist-to-elbow configuration, which is just as restrictive if not more so than the single-glove style armbinders.

The adjustable leg tethers and thigh cuffs are made with complete domination in mind. The straps go around the armbinder, and attach to your lover's thighs - opening them up for up close and very personal inspection (and adoration of course). A spreader bar might come in handy for this too. 

Even better, the straps are detachable to use without the straitjacket armbinder top or vice versa, use the straitjacket top without the straps. This incredible set offers you so many devilish ways to play with it! 

But be warned this may not be for the modest beginner nor for those who have to be at work early in the morning. This is best used when you have plenty of time to play and want to make sure you're walking funny, with a huge smile on your face the next day. I think you know what I'm talking about...*wink*

The armbinder sheath portion fits 21" across the shoulders and 14.5" from shoulders to the bottom of the binder sheath. It has a matte finish leatherette.

Revel in the beauty of your slave's restriction and bring playtime to an entirely new level with other available styles of armbinders to add to your collection. You can even fuck them while they're helpless with one of our high quality dildos.

If you need matching gear, we've got you covered. Check out our collection of Black Leatherette Bondage Gear for the perfect match for this!

Please note: This PVC item costs far less than leather. It is designed for beautiful and erotic restrain. However, the material might not withstand heavy struggling or extreme stresses or strains on it. Even so, it's a great way to play for less!

Strictness Rating: 4.5

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