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3 Ways to Keep a Healthy and Hot Sex Life

A healthy sex life can equate to a healthy relationship and a very happy one too. But how do you maintain a healthy sexual life and what does it mean? Of course, it goes without saying you should stay away from unwanted consequences. But it is not the only “healthy” part referred to in this article. Having a healthy sexual life means being comfortable and confident in your own body so you can fulfill your physical needs. When you reach this point, you won’t need to look elsewhere to find the satisfaction you hope to experience.

1. Clean your sex toys and accessories

Always keep your sexual arsenal clean and maintain it to the highest quality to keep you and your partner healthy. Even if you are the only one using them, cleaning is important to keep bacteria and viruses from harming your genitalia area as it can affect your sexual performance. Your personal hygiene is equally important. Be sure to use condoms for protection if you plan to have sexual intercourse with partners whom you don’t know very well or you with whom you don’t have an intimate relationship with.

2. Experience new things

When you join the BDSM community, remember to keep an open mind as you will come across new fetishes and fantasies. So, it wouldn’t hurt to show some interest as well. If your partner suggests using a new butt plug or a pair of nipple clamps, give it a try even if it would be your first time. Who knows, you might enjoy it. So much, you might even want to add it to a number of BDSM scenes. Indeed, you can enjoy so many new sexual games within the community and some are even hard to resist. So can expect your sexual life to rise to a higher level of pleasure and sexual satisfaction! Impact play is a great starting point when you first join the BDSM world. It involves spanking and whipping. Rest assured you will have so many more experiences to look forward to!

3. Use communication to its fullest potential

Communication with your partner is very important. In fact, it is the basis of any relationship, even one of a sexual nature. Before trying any BDSM scene it is best to have a discussion with your lover to see what each of you is comfortable with. Don’t worry if your partner doesn’t seem to be on the same page as you are at this time. Talking about it gives you the chance to establish your sexual limits. Thus, you can decide as a couple what new experiences both of you are willing to try. Be vocal about what the two of you want from the BDSM scene to satisfy you equally. Remember good communication will help you discover the best sexual practices you can enjoy together!

Another important aspect to highlight is your commitment to reach higher levels of sexual pleasure and satisfaction along with your partner. The roles in a BDSM scene are specific – a dominant and submissive. Identifying and being comfortable with your sexual identity bodes well for your relationship. But becoming too snug with each other and with your sexual life might end up working against you over time. So, it could keep you from enjoying new fetishes and discovering new sexual identities both of you might have. A devoted couple would not let the problem get too far. A surefire way to avoid it and guarantee you have an intense sexual relationship is to switch roles with your partner. Hence, it will give you the chance to understand how it feels like to be on both sides. It can help you relate with each other better.

Put together all these aspects to help you stimulate your partner better and create more intense BDSM scenes together. 

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