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How to Be a Good Dominant…(Pt 2)


There are some aspects that a dominant should follow if they are on the right path towards becoming a good dominant. These traits are referring to general matters and if you are planning on becoming, or already are, a dominant should take a look at them and see if you practice them. If you don’t, it’s never to late to start…

  • A dominant will need to understand the emotional aspects of being a submissive to understand their partner. They should also accept their hard limits and/or boundaries, without judgment. And since we’re talking about acceptance, they should also accept their submissive just as they are. This whole thing is not about trying to change someone into something they are not. Every one is different and that is it.
  • Good dominants also know how to exercise domination towards their submissives. By doing this, the right way, they will be attending their submissive’s needs, both emotional and physical.
  • Dominants must always be aware, at all times, that without the submissive there would never be a dominant. And to have a submissive put trust in them is something incredibly valuable and cherished; it should never be taken for granted.
  • A good dominant must also be patient. This includes understanding that sometimes pushing the submissive around and putting too much pressure on them may not always be the right path to take. Dominants must wait for some things and let the submissive take their time learning and understanding some things. 
  • Loyalty is something incredibly valuable in a dominant. They should keep their promises and keep their words on agreements. The submissive has put their trust in them; they should reciprocate the sentiment.
  • And just as well, respect is a must. If the submissive has shown they are worthy of respect, a dominant should treat them as such. This is a two way street, you can’t expect respect if you are not giving respect back.