What It Takes to Become A Dominatrix


Like I’ve said before, adominatrix is not born, it is made. Becoming a good dominatrix will most likely take some time and preparation, but with some preparation you can definitely get there.

In order to get there, you will need to exercise some aspects of the domination and power dynamic. It’s extremely important for you to learn about this in order to get where you want to be. The domination aspects include the punishments, the rewards and creating a plan for training.


The punishment part includes being able to gauge what punishments you will inflict on the submissive. A big part of this will be to decide when you will punish your submissive and how big that punishment will be. A reprimand will of course be necessary if your partner breaks a rule, but depending on what rule they break and on what capacity, the dominatrix will decide the type of punishment.

You can verbally tell them how bad they’ve been, but you will also need to do something physical as well. The most common option is to hit them with your crop/whip; how hard you hit and how many blows will depend on what you think they deserve. You can also get rid of one of their senses, like blindfolding them or tying their arms or hands.

As you inflict punishment, you will also need to create a reward system. This system will help the dominatrix reward the good behavior of the submissive. It’s necessary for the submissive so they can learn and know they are on a right track. Remember Pavlov’s dogs? Humans are no different, at the end, we are all animals wink*

And lastly, a good dominatrix will also need to know what she is doing. This means you must study and prepare your training methods and scenes; what you will be doing. This also includes setting up the scene; the dominatrix decides the place of the meeting and will also take care of getting all the props necessary for the scene. All the responsibility will be on your shoulders.


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