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Sex toys are more fun with a partner, so let’s partner up

Since our start, has been making shopping for Bondage, Fetish and Adult toys safe, comfortable, easy and fun for millions of exciting people around the world, just like you. We've grown from just a few products in each of a few categories to the thousands of products in the many varied categories you see here today! As a reputable and the original online provider of toys and information for the BDSM community, we make sure to offer creative and helpful information to help ANYBODY and EVERYBODY enjoy the most amazing experiences. So, do you want a fun (and profitable!) way to get more involved? Be our affiliate! Learn more about the Affiliate Program here!


Sex toys are more fun with a partner! Here is your chance to indulge in your passion and at the same time earn commission from it!

You'll receive 8% Commission on products (not including tax or shipping) on every order, paid via PayPal instantly once you attain the $50 minimum payout balance!

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Guest and affiliate privacy is very important to us. We know how irritating and potentially embarrassing it can be to receive adult catalogs, mailing and e-mails. Because of this:

- We will NEVER sell or provide your name, address or e-mail address to any company or individual.

- We will NEVER send you unsolicited mail, catalogs or any other materials.

All online orders are entered through our secure server, using the latest and highest security encryption methods available. All products are shipped discreetly in a plain package with no indication as to the contents. The return address on packages and credit card statements will simply read "Autumn Boutique". 



We are into Bondage too! We lovingly handcraft many of our bondage items from our 15 colors of high quality bondage leather created just for us. We get tired of the same old designs too - that's why we've innovated so many new designs right here in our own workshop. Not only are they unique, but because we test and model all our own gear, we design it to actually fit and work  like it's supposed to. Our stringent Quality Control is the last step in crafting our new products before releasing it to our shop, making your Bondage experiences will be memorable for all the right reasons. And on top of that, we carefully check and pack every item being shipped to make sure that you will receive your goodies in great condition!



We believe bondage sex is all about FUN, so why shouldn't the experience be fun too? We were tired of the same old "you'll get what you get and shut up about it", attitude offered by most "adult" stores along with those withering looks reserved for something they 'didn't agree with' or didn't understand and vowed to be different, open and accepting. So we make shopping for sex - especially your kind of sex - fun too! deals give the best bang for your buck!  We mean that. Literally. ;)

We offer Daily and Weekly Deals Up to 90% off! We also offer Free Gifts with Every Order as our way of saying “Thank You!”, which is also one of the reasons why our guests keep coming back for more.




We strive to bring you the best of everything each and every day so that you can give your best each and every night. When it comes to your sex life, we know you want nothing but the best products and the best experiences. We are committed to providing high-quality, *yum*-worthy BDSM gear and sex toys that you’ll love, all while giving back to the community to charity foundations of all types. That’s what we are all about at Every single purchase you make creates a ripple effect by not only enhancing your life through better and more incredible sex, but to enhance the lives of those in need too. 

Read more about our Autumn Cares programs here.



We want you to be 100% Happy with your purchase. You can return any item (with the exception custom crafted bondage gear) to us within 30 days of receipt with its original packaging. All you need to do is Contact Us for a Return Mechandise Authorization form. Our Customer Service representatives are at your service to lend a helping hand.

Because Every Happy Ending Should Have a Happy Beginning!



Being Voted as the #1 Best Bondage Store, our commitment to excellence means you'll receive service beyond typical expectations of internet or even major retailer storefront operations because we want to be anything but typical.


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