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Anal Douching and Enemas BDSM Safety Guide


Chances are good that you have at the very least heard of anal douching and enemas. Perhaps you are considering it. You’ve come to the right place.

Once you’ve made up your mind that it’s time to try enemas, you will need to know the basics. These are the things that are important to find out before you get started. It’s the best way to make sure that you are doing things properly and that there will be no complications from your choice.

Before we get started, let’s clarify something. While anal douching and enemas are sometimes used for sexual play in the BDSM world, that is not what this guide is going to go into. I am going to discuss with you the proper ways to use anal douching for cleanliness and sanitation. SO let’s get started.

  • Safety First, then Clean Work

Before you take on the task of using enemas for anal douching it is important to make sure that you do so safely. This includes doing things necessary to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria in your body. But how do you do that?

  1. Use clean products. You want to always make sure that your enema and douche are clean. Do this both before and after any use.
  2. Stay clear of the chemicals. Some things, even soap, may cause irritation and infection if used in the douching process. Stay away from them. Only use douching products that are made for that purpose.
  3. Make sure the water isn’t too cold or too hot. Always keep it body temperature.
  4. Use the bathroom before you get started and don’t strain during the enema.
  5. Pain isn’t always a signal that something is working. If it hurts, stop.
  • Products

One thing that you want to make sure of is that you use top quality products. Some people may try to craft an enema, but you want something that was designed to do the job. The right enemas  will fit properly into the anus and then offer the ability for a thorough cleansing. You can choose the style, size and design based on personal preference. Even the materials vary. You can opt for a metal or steel version; or you can choose rubber or latex.

  • Lubrication

Anytime there insertion, there should be lubrication. However since you are using the douching as a cleaning tool, you don’t want to use just any lubricant. It would defeat the purpose. Instead either use warm water or a water based lubricant for the anus and rectum prior to starting. This will help the device insert easier and without painful problems.

  • Positioning

Inserting any device into the anus can be difficult. There are very sensitive parts of the cavity, some that should not be harmed. This means that you will want to ensure that you are in a comfortable position that allows for easy insertion. The way that you choose to lie or sit is a personal choice, but you will find that only specific positions allow for the process to be simple and effective.

  • Patience

You can’t force things to be the way you want them. The same is true with this. Don’t try to force the fluid out. Don’t strain. Just let the cleansing happen naturally. Once it does, clean your equipment and store it safely for use the next time you feel the need to do a deep cleaning.


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