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Autumn's Bondage 101: Beginner’s Guide to Blindfolds

Life is ironic and people are interesting little beings. In a general conversation if I mention the idea of being submissive or enjoying BDSM and role play, I sense a shift in the perceptions that people have of me.

I get odd looks as they tilt their head sideways, like…hmm…But if I am in that same crowd and mention things like blindfolds during sex or having my hands tied, people open up and share their own fantasies and stories that are similar. It is in those times that I want to shout about how both of those things are a part of BDSM  and they are in fact doing bondage. *wink* Oh my…what will the neighbors say…(nothing because I gagged them 20 minutes ago…kidding…..)

The truth is that even the most sexually conservative people are not averse to the idea of wearing a blindfold or having their hands tied up. They don’t mind teetering on the experimental line of bondage. It’s the fear of the unknown that they don’t like and so they refuse to align these particular things with the scary world of BDSM, bondage and discipline.

Mainly it’s because it is impossible to view being blindfolded as anything other than fun. People like the idea and once its tried they love it. Why is that? Because blindfolds can change your outlook on the sexual experience. It can also change your partner’s outlook on you. Everything about what is transpiring becomes just a little bit more exciting.

Admit it. Trying out a variety of fruits for the flavor is nothing spectacular. But put a blindfold on and do the same thing. Not knowing what is about to touch your lips adds some excitement. You aren’t sure how it will feel, what it will taste like, or even if you will recognize it. The unknown adds some excitement to the mix. Suddenly fruit tasting is an exotic experience.

The same is true of sex. If you are with your man and watching, you will see what is coming. You will know it. You will already have an idea of how it feels and whether you will enjoy it.

But if you are lying there unable to see anything, you are left with the scary unknown. Is he going to touch you? What part is he going to touch? What will he touch you with? Will it soft or hard? Will he be gentle or rough? Will it tickle or excite?

That is the thrill of the blindfold. You do not know. You are submitting yourself to whatever he chooses to do and accepting that you will experience it.

The wait can be breathtaking. Eagerness takes over. Sex becomes exciting and you have to rely on all of your senses.

 For him, it becomes sexier. He sees you lying there unable to see. You are truly submitting your pleasure to him. He is going to do his best to make it an exciting experience. It becomes a game to him. See how different things affect you.

There is no real risk involved in blindfolding. There is no pain, unless you have agreed to other things as well. Just the complete act of submission and the world of the unknown. That is what makes this appealing even to those who twist their face and turn up their nose at the idea of BDSM. They just do not realize that even as they do, they are participating anyway.