Autumn's Bondage 101: Beginner’s Guide to Flogging


Have you decided you want to incorporate flogging into your bondage role play? Well, for many that participate in the BDSM lifestyle, making flogging a part of it is a no brainer. But what do you do when you are not totally sure what you need to do? That is what I'm here to help with. This guide will tell you the most important things to consider when you decide to add a little punishment fun to the mix.

For anyone unaware, flogging is a form of punishment that the dom will inflict on the sub. It uses a tool known as a flogger in the same style as a whip to spank the sub.

Now that you know that, all you need is the basic guide to tell you everything else that is important.


All bondage sex and role play should put safety as a first priority. Flogging is no exception. The last thing you want during your fun time is to have someone get injured. Punishment should not lead to permanent problems.

How do you stay safe during flogging? It's as simple as learning what you should and shouldn't do. There are spots that you shouldn't hit with the flogger to avoid harming the sub. Some of them include the face, neck and spine. You should make sure that your flogger is in excellent condition and prepare the way that you aim it to avoid problems like wrapping. Always take it easy on sensitive body parts and never jump into the harshest flogging first.

Know Your Flogger

One of the most important aspects of a successful flogging experience is having the right tools. This means that you should check out the options among floggers and make sure that the one you have will serve your purpose well.

There are floggers made for more advanced play that have knots and braids on the end. Do not begin with those. The experience should start on the tamer end and work its way up.

Also, never use a flogger that is long or in disrepair as these may inflict pain or injury to the sub. Decide on the material that you want and make sure that you choose a nice fit for both of you.

Proper Positioning

When I mention the right position for flogging you are most likely imagining the sub and what ways she can be placed. While this is important, much like spanking that is more about personal preference.

Positioning of the dom that doing the flogging is important as well. You want to make sure that the stance, distance and position allow for a successful experience. You want to make sure that you can achieve the objective of flogging the sub without any hindrance or injury.

Clean Up and Care

The quickest way to mess up future flogging experiences is to not take proper care of your tools. A flogger should be cleaned after use and stored in a way that preserves it. Much of that will depend on what material has been chosen for the flogging. Some are rope style, some are leather and some even have steel handles.

A flogger should never be left dirty and should never be placed into water. Wipe it down to clean it without soaking the material. Do not use it with several people as it can move bacteria from person to person. If the flogger is leather it will probably need conditioning as well as cleaning.

Find out how to properly clean your flogger and keep it stored properly and it will last for years to come.

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