Complete Beginner's Guide to Gags


Okay so let’s talk gags for bondage. The biggest problem that people find with using gags during their bondage role play is trying to decide on what type of gag to use. There is such a wide variety of possibilities that people often get confused and assume that all gags are the same.

That is not true.

Yes, if you go to the basic definition of a gag all of them are going to fit the bill. But there are different styles of bondage gags that have different purposes. The one you choose will depend on your personal preferences as well as the goals you have in mind. Of course, to make those decisions we first have to explain the gags and the differences between them

Ball Gags

If you’ve read or heard anything about kinky fuckery then you have heard of ball gags. These are some of the commonly discussed, well known and often referred to forms of bondage gags.

Much like the name implies, ball gags are simply a gag that places a ball of varying sizes in the subs mouth. Most ball gags are held in place by strap that is placed around the mouth and head of the sub.

There are a variety of ball gags available including panel version, single strap ball gags, chin strap gags and even large ball gags.    

Bit Gags

Another popular style of gag is the bit gag. These gags are similar to ball gags as they have an portion of the gag that is placed inside the mouth. However, they are different in that the idea of a bit gag is to give the sub something to bite down on.

Bit gags are placed between the teeth and keep the sub from opening or closing their mouth. These are often made of rubber and sometimes come with a collar and even reins.

Gag and Collar Set

Gag and collar sets are popular in the fact that they add a dimension to the standard gag. Collars give the Dom even more control, allowing for leashing as an option. It also adds the possession feel for both the dom and sub, enhancing the desire by both.

Panel Style

A popular choice in bondage gags are the panel style gags. While these may come as ball gags, tape, mask or other forms; the panel gag is one that covers the mouth completely. Unlike bit gags or single strap ball gags, panel gags do not leave the mouth open or visible. These completely muffle the sounds, leaving only mumbled effects and enhacing the role play for the dom.

 Ring and Open Gags

Serious bondage aficionados enjoy taking bondage gags to a different level. This might include the use of ring and open gags. The name is self-explanatory in that these gags offer a ring in the mouth area and force the subs mouth to remain open.

While the mouth is open, the position it is placed in does not allow for speaking. Sounds may be a bit louder from these gags, but are still muffled and distorted which enhances role play.

When you choose gags you will find that there are a variety of styles and material. You can choose from latex, tape, rubber, leather and more. You will have the open to choose an open style, one that covers the entire mouth, one that covers the majority of the face and those that only serve to silence the sub.

Gags can play an integral role into any role playing experience and sometimes it requires that you sample various types to determine what both you and your partner would prefer to use.

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