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Best Tips for Creating the Perfect Scene For Your Sub, Vol 1


Coming up with fun play scenarios for your sub can be a bit of challenge. As you know, not all submissives are created equally, so not all scenarios will satisfy every sub. You need to know your sub before you start coming up with something that works for them and their needs/wants.

Depending on what kind of sub you have, you can have different scenes and different play scenarios. For instance, some subs like BDSM because of the pain that can be inflicted upon them, while others may feel attracted to serving to someone’s particular needs. Needless to say, these are two very different subs so it’s impossible they enjoy the exact same scenarios.

That is why you first need to figure out exactly what your sub likes. Sometimes this knowledge is kept hidden, sometimes it something overly obvious. The important thing is for you to really know them so you can plan the scenes accordingly. It will be a million times more rewarding if you can really tackle those particular things they like.

Planning a scene is always fun but sometimes you may be stumped as to what do exactly. So if you are looking for some ideas to blow your sub’s mind, keep reading!

  • Those who love bondage will need for it to be the main focus. Sometimes sexual contact is not even necessary, bondage can be enough to make them happy. These submissives will probably love anything having to do with hard positions, chair or bed bondage; spread eagle may be great for them. Or even hogties or suspension will tickle their sensitivities.

They also tend to love the whole ritual of putting up and getting into bondage, so you as the dominant, should make sure to really put attention to this. As bondage lovers usually enjoy watching bondage, they probably love to watch themselves or having pictures of the whole thing. A good treat is to put them in bondage in front of a mirror for instance, they will sure appreciate the feeling wink*.

Sometimes it’s all about the sensation of bondage in their bodies, so the bondage they like inclines to something visually appealing and with a lot of symmetry as well. Depending on you sub they may struggle a bit, so make sure to keep those restraints tight enough so they don’t escape wink*.

  • On the other hand, bondage is not always the main attraction for slaves. As the name suggests, the will love anything that makes them feel controlled and powerless. Sometimes a collar may be enough to get them in the mood; it’s the meaning behind being collared, not the collar itself, that is important. The sub that loves being a slave loves feeling “owned”.

As they are slaves, they tend to like being bossed around, appreciate the verbal part of the scene, and love being told what to do and bringing pleasure to their dom (in this case, lucky you wink*) Depending on the person, some like to be humiliated, others may be into pet play.

Some slaves like to be put to the test and being pushed to their limits and is your job as the dominant to use bondage to do exactly that; while other group of slaves may simply love bondage as punishment. You just need to figure out what your particular sub slave needs…